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City dweller or country lover, it’s not uncommon to want to spruce up your interiors and run with a new and exciting renovation from time to time. From lifting the light in the living room to getting crafty in the kitchen - renovations come at a cost. After all, with looming inflation rates and the ever-growing cost of living crisis upon us, many of us are looking to improve, not move.

With the average UK housing price having increased by 9.6% Link opens in a new window over the last year - and now standing at a whopping £24,000 higher than in 2021 - it’s no wonder that we’re all looking to renovate rather than relocate. However, though there never feels like a bad time to maximise your living space and add value to your home, each screw and lick of paint comes at a price - and the lower the figure, the better.

Need a little direction on where to start saving? We’ve got you. Here to help you make your renovation dreams a reality, we’ve crafted several simple and actionable tips on how to save funds for a budgeted renovation…

How much should renovations cost?

Whether you’re hoping to start a loft conversion, a kitchen remodel, or a bathroom makeover, it can be really tough to know where to begin - especially on a budget. Though it may seem scary, it’s of the utmost importance that you get a rough idea of how much your renovation is going to cost so you can avoid any nasty surprises.

Once you’ve decided what your project is going to be, you’ll be able to get a good understanding of how long it will take - and therefore how much it will cost. Though it can be extremely difficult to lock down an exact sum of money to aim for, considering and comparing the costs of things like professional fees, contingency costs, decor costs and labour fees should give you a good indication of where to start. Using free tools such as an extension cost calculator Link opens in a new window can also help you get an accurate prediction.

Consulting a handful of builders for quotes will give you a more accurate estimate - as some builders might factor in extra costs that another forgets to mention! Check out this 2022 home renovation estimated price guide from Householdquotes Link opens in a new window:

Once you have your figure at the forefront, you can then start to save. Aside from the usual things, like cutting back on luxuries and making smart financial decisions, you should make sure you have a mobile banking app Link opens in a new window that can do the organising for you. Save cleverly by setting your goal and budgeting for it by creating a savings pot. Link opens in a new window

Save by going green

Sometimes it pays to make greener choices in your home. If you're an already existing Virgin Money mortgage customer check out our Green Reward scheme Link opens in a new window. You could bag £250 cashback* when you spend at least £2,500 on eligible green improvements to your property - from windows and doors, to insulation, heating and solar energy - all of these upgrades and more are eligible.

*To qualify, you'll need to take out additional borrowing with us, and make sure the work is done and dusted by 31 December 2023. Check out the full terms here. Link opens in a new window Don't risk losing your home - keep up those mortgage repayments.

Do some of the work yourself

Sometimes to get the job done, you just have to do it yourself! Get creative with your interiors and follow in the footsteps of influencers like Stacey Solomon Link opens in a new window, who’s releasing an informative book Link opens in a new window on how she’s transformed her home, Pickle Cottage.

Instagram: @staceysolomon Link opens in a new window

If you’re not afraid of a little DIY and are keen to chisel down the costs of your renovation, then we suggest taking on some of the simpler tasks, that don’t require extensive skill, yourself.


Instagram: @joannecondon Link opens in a new window



Got a whole house renovation on your hands? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we suggest carrying out the work room-by-room. Don’t take on everything at once. Start from the top of the house and work your way down. Not only does this space out the workload but it also minimises the chances of you trailing mess (and more work) behind you.

Shop around

Like most things in life, it’s always good to have options – and renovating your home is no different. Before hurtling towards the first deal you see, we recommend that you do a little digging and see what deals are out there.

Take further care of your bank account Link opens in a new window by buying your materials during peak sale times. Researching for the best prices, though it may take time, does pay off in the long run. Try sites like Facebook Marketplace Link opens in a new window and eBay Link opens in a new window and snag discounts on high-quality produce.

It pays to be more green

Check out our Green Reward home improvement offer

Find out more

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