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Your Challenge

There’s almost always a way you can save money when you’re shopping and it’s much easier than you think.

If you’re an existing Virgin Money M Plus current account customer with a linked M Plus Saver then set up a savings pot called ‘Savetember’ in your mobile banking app Link opens in a new window and every time you bag an amazing deal, transfer the difference saved into this pot.

For example, if an item was £10 but you used a discount code to get it for £7, transfer the £3 difference into your Savetember pot.

Do the same for cashback, freebies, yellow sticker hauls, dupes and every other hack you use to save those pennies. We bet you’ll be amazed at how quickly the small savings stack up throughout the month.

Five money saving hacks

Here’s some of our favourite ways to help make sure you’re not paying full price:

1. Loyalty Rewards

Most brands have gone all in on their loyalty programs in the last few years, which means bigger savings for us. Check if your favourite brands have a free loyalty program to collect rewards. As a bonus, if a brand has their own app you may even get a welcome freebie just for downloading it. Also, make sure to check out Virgin Red Link opens in a new window!

2. Cashback

It’s the unsung hero of money saving. Think of it as an indirect discount, where you receive a percentage of your order value back to your bank. If you’re an existing Virgin Money current account customer then check the ‘Discover’ tab on your app to see which brands you can effortlessly earn cashback Link opens in a new window with today.

3. Automatic discounts

Gone are the days of manually looking for discount codes. Instead, search for ‘discount code browser extension’ and install one onto your desktop or mobile browser. I like to use Honey Link opens in a new window. Each time you shop online, the discounts will automatically apply at the checkout, saving you time and money. Win-win!

4. Price comparison sites

The first price you see may not actually be the cheapest. There’s several websites that compare prices from thousands of online retailers Link opens in a new window to get you the best possible deal. It only takes a few seconds to check, so get into the habit to save those extra pounds.

5. Customer perks

Check with your current TV, Broadband, Mobile and other service providers, to see what benefits you have access to just for being a customer. You could be getting freebies such as coffees and meals or discounts on days out, beauty products and cinema tickets.

Let’s Get Started

Keep track of your September savings with our Deals Tracker. Each time you grab a deal, cashback or sell something you no longer love, pop it in the spreadsheet and watch your savings pot grow.

We recommend downloading the spreadsheet onto a desktop.

Have you got a money saving hack?

Let us know in the comments of our Savetember post on Virgin Money’s Instagram. Link opens in a new window

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