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Most of us now spend more time at home than we could have ever imagined pre-coronavirus, and that looks set to continue well into 2021, with stories abounding of people putting walls back into open-plan houses just to get a bit of space away from their families. DIY projects and house renovations also provided a valuable way to fill time in 2020, and lots of us strived to turn our lockdown space into a happy place (find nifty ideas on how to do this here Link opens in a new window). But where to start? Instagram is a sensible place to head to if you’re looking for decorating ideas, though with nearly 90,000 posts on #homedecor and #homeinspo alone, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So, we’ve pulled together a shortlist of our favourite home accounts on Instagram that we’d recommend following if you’re thinking about creating your home sweet home this year.

1. Our Grand Design

@ourgranddesign1 Link opens in a new window

This account is quite simply house goals. Every room down to each little nook and cranny is just amazing but we’re a huge fan of the 100 square metre kitchen and garden ‘cocktail corner’ they’ve created. The account documents the changes as the 5-bedroom home from 1910 undergoes a full renovation. The owners have mixed up old and modern styling throughout and the results are impressive.

Our Grand Design interior design
Credit: @ourgranddesign1

2. Renovating no. Twenty Six Link opens in a new window

Virgin Money’s very own Arianna has created an Instagram account to showcase her journey as she renovates her 1935 concrete house into her dream home. Arianna has recently completed work on her kitchen and master bedroom but it’s the lounge we love with the deep blue colour and ‘Sputnik chandelier’.

Renovating no. Twenty Six interior design

3. Soozi Danson

@soozidanson Link opens in a new window

Soozi describes herself as ‘a lover of pattern and colour’ and that’s instantly obvious when you scroll through her bright and bold grid. She’s our number one go-to for wacky and wonderful inspiration and also happens to have one of the most spectacular home offices we’ve ever seen. Cue home office envy from everyone…

Soozi Danson interior design
Credit: @soozidanson

4. an.eye.for.pretty

@an.eye.for.pretty Link opens in a new window

This account is run by the very creative and crafty Dara, who even holds creative workshops to help us novices learn new tricks. Dara’s seasonal styling (both inside her home and on/around the front door) and flower filled rooms catch our attention every time something is swapped or updated, while giving us plenty of ideas on how to make our own homes feel a little more extravagant yet homely.

An eye for pretty interior design
Credit: @an.eye.for.pretty

5. thebigashreno

@thebigashreno Link opens in a new window

Plant mad Elise runs this account to document her second home renovation project. The interior she’s gone for is very chic and neutral, but we love the little pop of colour you get throughout her home. This is the account to follow if you’re looking to create effortless cool with just enough personality (or really love plants).

The big ash reno interior design
Credit: @thebigashreno

6. Kasie Barton

@kasie_barton Link opens in a new window

Follow Kasie to see photos of her unique home that are guaranteed to brighten up your day. Her account showcases her amazing use of paint and colour and proves you can create a space that’s stylish, playful and bold without being over the top. We could spend all day hanging out in Kasie’s Norfolk kitchen, which features her self-made concrete worktops.

Kasie Barton interior design
Credit: @kasie_barton

7. House by the cherry blossom

@housebythecherryblossom Link opens in a new window

Jayne, who’s behind housebythecherryblossom, has recently built her forever family home in Northern Ireland and we have to admit, it’s a thing of beauty. Jayne’s style hints at a more traditional décor – full of neutral, calming colours to create a light, warm and welcoming space to chill out in and admire the seriously stunning sea view from.

Housebythecherryblossom interior design
Credit: @housebythecherryblossom

8. eli_at_home

@eli_at_home Link opens in a new window

This is a bright, colourful and fun home account to follow, and especially useful for you if you live in a new build, as Elisha proves you can add character into new build properties. Her posts are eye-catching and entertaining and allow you to cherry pick your favourite parts to take away as inspiration and recreate in your home, depending on how bold you’re feeling!

Eli at home interior design
Credit: @eli_at_home

9. Farrow & Ball

@farrowandball Link opens in a new window

No round up of accounts to follow for interior inspiration would be complete without a mention of Dorset based paint and wallpaper company, Farrow & Ball. Each of their 132 shades has an intriguing story behind the colour name and their in-home colour experts are on hand to guide you through the shades that would work best in your space. From little pops of colour to bold designs and everything in between – you’ll find whatever you’re looking for here.

Farrow & Ball interior design
Credit: @farrowandball

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