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Times are incredibly tough at the moment – the Office for National Statistics Link opens in a new window has reported that the proportion of people in the UK who have been furloughed increased again in January 2021, as a result of the latest Covid-19 restrictions. According to Statista Link opens in a new window, approximately 9.9million jobs from 1.2million different employers have been furloughed so far. We know that being furloughed can feel incredibly daunting, unsettling and overwhelming – and that’s before you even think about what will happen when the scheme ends. Here’s what you need to know.

1. The place for reliable updates

The BBC is always a trustworthy fount of constantly updated knowledge, so this page is well worth a visit to get clued up on the basics. The site is kept up-to-date with the latest changes and timings, which is another bonus. This news article covers key questions, such as ‘Can I be furloughed to look after my children?’, ‘Why has the scheme been extended?’ and ‘What does furlough mean for employers?’.

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Can I be furloughed to look after my children?

Schools have closed to most pupils in England, Scotland and Wales - while Northern Ireland will have an extended period of remote learning.

Employees are eligible for furlough if they cannot work due to caring responsibilities resulting from coronavirus. This includes childcare, the government says. However, employers are not obliged to furlough you.

Trade union umbrella body TUC says many businesses are not aware of this rule. It says employers should do the right thing and furlough mums and dads.


2. Made redundant while furloughed?

Citizens Advice give people the knowledge and the confidence they need to find their way forward – whoever they are, and whatever their problem. They are totally independent and impartial, which is why millions of people go to them for confidential advice. This article covers pretty much everything you’d ever need to know. It explains all about the government Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, who can be furloughed and how it works, as well as covering important topics such as whether you can be made redundant if you’ve been furloughed and what to do if you’re having problems receiving your furlough pay. We’ve got an article full of helpful information you might need to know if you've been made redundant.

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If you’ve been made redundant while you’re furloughed

You can still be made redundant while you’re furloughed. Your employer will take you off the furlough scheme when you start your notice period. They'll still have to pay you any money you're owed and follow the right process. They can’t discriminate against you - check if your redundancy is fair Link opens in a new window if you’re not sure.

You might be entitled to:

Citizens Advice

3. Need-to-know info on the current furlough scheme

This article from national newspaper The Sun focuses specifically on one question – ‘When does the furlough scheme extension end in the UK?’ – while also covering over points around the Job Support Scheme and who is eligible for the furlough extension that Rishi Sunak announced in December 2020. The Sun highlight the key facts to be aware of in an easy to digest way and also regularly update their articles to make sure they remain topical and accurate.

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4. A female-focused view on furlough

Last but definitely not least, we’d recommend Glamour. Perhaps not a site you’d think to visit for advice and information on being furloughed, but we’re big fans of Glamour and their ‘Money Matters’ content. You won’t find any meaningless jargon here, just plenty of useful tips on how to set realistic financial goals (yes, even if you’ve been furloughed or made redundant) and their advice feels optimistic but achievable. They’ve also published an incredibly helpful article on what furlough means for maternity leave Link opens in a new window.

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How to take control of your finances if you’ve been furloughed or made redundant

Those who have been furloughed or made redundant during the pandemic will likely have seen their finances take quite a hit - but there are still ways to make your money stretch further.

It is vital to minimise overspending and save wherever you can. While the furlough scheme is in place to protect jobs and the Government is doing all it can to safeguard workers, it would be advisable to have a financial buffer in place, just in case your company isn’t able to bring you back, Ellmore suggests.


I need immediate support with my financial situation. Who should I call?

I need immediate support with my financial situation. Who should I call? #MoneyOnYourMind Link opens in a new window
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