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It’s been nearly two years since the pandemic began and within those two years, our homes have become more important than ever. With a lot of time spent within our humble abodes it’s no wonder that a large majority of us have turned into interior addicts. Social media platforms such as Instagram Link opens in a new window and Pinterest Link opens in a new window feed into our interior design obsession with us all literally tapping into trends with every scroll.

Over the last few years, buying the latest homeware trends has been easier than ever with a rise in homeware collections from much loved high-street and online fashion brands. Brands such as H&M Link opens in a new window, M&S Link opens in a new window and Zara were among the first to spot a niche in the market for aesthetically pleasing interiors without the price tag for their already established customer base. And since 2020 two of the top UK fashion e-tailers, Pretty Little Thing Link opens in a new window and In The Style Link opens in a new window have taken the leap into launching homeware collections too. Selling everything from rugs and candles to vases and bedding – these two retailers are focussing on interiors for GenZ. When Pretty Little Thing dropped their homeware accessories back in 2020 they said Link opens in a new window,“PLT Home is designed to give you a unique, stylish space to keep in tune with your favourite influencer's home 'gram.”

With so many interior collections popping up around us, it can be hard to know which trends will fade and which you should be spending your hard-earned cash on in 2022. So, let us help you with our top 2022 interior trends that are here to stay and won’t break your bank account Link opens in a new window

Curved furnishings and designs

Curvaceous, soft flowing lines are in for 2022. According to Pinterest’s predictions Link opens in a new window for 2022 ‘people will invest in home décor such as curved sofas, curved bar designs and curved kitchen islands.’

How to add curved designs to your home on a budget

Choose rounded ornaments such as the insta-famous ones from H&M Link opens in a new window or unique geometrical shaped candles Link opens in a new window – both easy and cheap ways to add curves to your home. Or why not go a little bolder? ‘Curved walls interior’ is a trending search on Pinterest with wall arches being a budget friendly and show stopping way to add curved dimensions to your room. Here’s a tutorial on how you can paint an arch yourself:

Incorporate Dulux’s colour of the year

Back in September, Dulux revealed their colour of 2022 was 'Bright Skies' Link opens in a new window – the colour does exactly what it says on the tin. It encapsulates the spring sky into a lovely light blue shade to bring a sense of optimism to our homes – something we need just now.

How to add Dulux’s Bright Skies to your home on a budget

According to Ideal Home Link opens in a new window, Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director of Dulux says “the best place to use Bright Skies Link opens in a new window isn’t on your walls but your ceiling…it just makes that ceiling melt away, it just fills a room with a breath of fresh air.’’ Plus painting a ceiling is much cheaper than painting four walls so win win!

Dulux Bright Skies
Image credit: Dulux

Taking Texture to the next level

With a massive focus on sustainably sourced materials, there’s been an uplift in the use of natural textured designs within our homes. Ben White, one of the design and trade experts at Swyft Link opens in a new window says “With the public's increased exposure to climate change, the idea of sustainability has fed into the interior industry and our homes. This will translate into how we buy furniture; a move towards furniture items with reclaimed woods and accessories with recycled glass and metal. We are looking for upcycled, antique or used furniture which has a story to tell; not only does its origin create great conversations, but it’s a greener approach to furnishing the home.”

How to add texture to your home on a budget

The first step is to browse places like Facebook Marketplace Link opens in a new window, Gumtree Link opens in a new window and eBay Link opens in a new window for bargain textured furniture buys Link opens in a new window. Another cost friendly and funky way to add texture is by adding wooden cladding to your walls and furniture – you can pick it up cheap at B&Q Link opens in a new window. Elise and her husband at @thebigashreno Link opens in a new window cleverly upcycled a chest of drawers from IKEA with some dark paint and reclaimed wood and turned it into a beautiful vanity unit - we absolutely love the contrast and texture.

A white reading chair.
@thebigashreno done a superb job of upcycling her IKEA drawers with reclaimed wood

Greece really is the word

According to Pinterest’s 2022 predictions ‘This year, people will take inspiration from Ancient Greece and invest in everything from Corinthian home décor to Aphrodite-inspire wallpaper.’ And surprisingly the report showed that the generation who are most embracing this trend is Gen Z. Think Santorini blues paired with crisp whites and luxurious golds.

How to add Greece vibes to your home on a budget

Why not take a leaf out of Michelle McDonough’s home Instagram (@that_housewiththepinkdoor) Link opens in a new window and transform your yarden/garden into a Greek haven? Michelle used floor stencils Link opens in a new window to create a blue and white Santorini inspired concrete floor which we are in total in love with!

Michelle's Santorini inspired yarden
@that_housewiththepinkdoor yarden makes us crave a trip to Santorini
A velvet navy two-seater sofa.

Organised storage goals

Glam storage was a growing trend in 2021 and it’s here to stay this year too. Organising your space so that everything has a home is key to making your home calm and clutter free. According to WebMD getting rid of excess stuff can benefit your mental health by making you feel calmer, happier, and more in control. A tidier space can make for a more relaxed mind as untidy environments often increase stress for most people.

How to organise your home on a budget

Homeware shops such as Home Bargains Link opens in a new window & B&M Link opens in a new window are great for picking up affordable and pretty storage containers and baskets. Also, why not add some cheap labels Link opens in a new window to your storage to help add another layer of organisation to your cupboards and drawers like @organisedbylucy Link opens in a new window does?

Storage goals
Fabulous storage organisation by @organisedbylucy

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