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Less sex please, we're British (and want a good night's sleep)


  • Research shows getting a good night’s sleep is the thing most likely to make people happy
  • Chocolate, sex and alcohol are all less likely than sleep to lead to happiness
  • Money worries are most likely to cause stress for people

The best things in life are free. So sang Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross in their catchy 1992 duet from the soundtrack of the film Mo’ Money.

And it seems they were right, but maybe not in the way many people assumed.

With Blue Monday approaching, often seen as the most depressing day of the year, a survey1 from Virgin Money shows that the thing most people say makes them happy is... getting a good night’s sleep.

Forget chocolate, alcohol, being on top of your money and even sex – these all trail behind a solid night’s sleep for making people happy in life.

75% said sleep made them happy, compared to just 44% for both chocolate and sex (although polling didn’t cover those combining the two), with alcohol attracting a mere 32% of votes. 52% said being on top of their money made them happy.

The research also shows that money worries are the thing likely to cause the most stress. 28% said this is the biggest single thing that makes them feel stressed, ahead of work (13%), long queues (7%) and family (7%).

Tim Arthur, Creative Director at Virgin Money said: “After the excitement of the festive season, the long nights and cold days of January can make people feel a bit less positive, and the third Monday of January – Blue Monday – is often seen as the most depressing day of the year. The secret to reducing stress and being happier could be as simple as getting a good night’s sleep and getting on top of your finances. And our new service Virgin Money Living, launched to try and help everyone get their heads around money, can definitely help with that.”

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YouGov interviewed 2,002 GB adults (18+) online on behalf of Virgin Money Living. Fieldwork was undertaken between 17th - 20th November 2017.

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