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Virgin Money launches new balance transfer and all round credit cards


  • 40 month credit card offers interest-free balance transfers with a one-off fee of 2.40%
  • 24 month credit card provides interest-free balance transfers with no transfer fee
  • New All Round card offers 25 months interest-free for balance and money transfers, as well as purchases

Virgin Money has updated its credit card range, launching three new cards offering competitive options for interest-free balance transfers, money transfers and purchases.

The new 40 month card offers:

  • 40 months 0% interest on balance transfers, with a one-off transfer fee of 2.40%.
  • 40 months 0% interest on money transfers, with a one-off transfer fee of 4.00%.
  • 3 months 0% interest on purchases.

The new 24 month card offers:

  • 24 months 0% interest on balance transfers, with no transfer fee.
  • 24 months 0% interest on money transfers, with a one-off transfer fee of 4.00%.
  • 3 months 0% interest on purchases.

The new All Round card offers:

  • 25 months 0% interest on balance transfers, with a one-off transfer fee of 2.00%.
  • 25 months 0% interest on money transfers, with a one-off transfer fee of 2.00%.
  • 25 months 0% interest on purchases.

All introductory rates apply to balance and money transfers made within the first 60 days of account opening.

Chris Taylor, Director of Credit Card Products at Virgin Money, said: “We are delighted to update our credit card range with these competitive new options for customers. In addition to these great value products, applicants can now also take advantage of our new Card Checker tool, which offers a quick way to see whether they are likely to be accepted for a card before submitting a full application, so there is no effect on their credit file.”

Unlike most credit card providers in the UK, Virgin Money ensures that all successful applicants receive the promotional rate and duration they apply for. Virgin Money does not offer shorter balance transfer periods or higher interest rates to customers after reviewing their application.

All Virgin Money credit card customers have access to Virgin Money Lounges together with a range of exclusive offers from the Virgin Group, including discounts on a range of Virgin products such as holidays and train tickets. Further information on Virgin Money credit cards can be found at

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Product Details

CardBalance transfer periodBalance transfer feeMoney transfer periodMoney transfer feePurchase periodRepresentative APR (variable)
40 Month Balance Transfer0% for 40 months2.40%0% for 40 months4.00%0% for 3 months20.9%
24 Month Balance Transfer0% for 24 monthsn/a0% for 24 months4.00%0% for 3 months19.9%
All Round0% for 25 months2.00%0% for 25 months2.00%0% for 25 months18.9%
  • Promotional interest periods and fees will apply to any balance or money transfers within 60 days of account opening.
  • Promotional rates will no longer apply from the beginning of any statement period during which a customer has breached their terms, for example if they haven't paid on time or have gone over their credit limit.
  • Balances can be transferred from all credit cards other than existing Virgin Money cards.
  • Representative example based on a credit limit of £1,200.

Virgin Money provides a credit card calculator to help customers select the Virgin Money credit card that best meets their needs. Customers select the size of balance or amount of money they intend to transfer and their planned monthly repayment. The calculator then orders Virgin Money’s credit card range by overall cost, promotional period or length of time to repay the balance. Customers can try out different scenarios and see the impact of alternative payment plans, and the calculator also shows the monthly payment that will enable customers to clear their balance within the promotional period, avoiding any interest payments. The calculator is available at

Supplementary notes

  • The information contained in this press release is intended solely for journalists and should not be used by consumers to make financial decisions. Any consumer interested in learning more about this product should visit for full terms and conditions.

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