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We offer the same great rates however you choose to open your account. Which means you can manage your money the way you want to, and get the same return on your savings.

Why save with us?

  • We pay the same rate of interest on your savings account, however you choose to open and manage online, over the phone, in Store or by post.
  • We don't offer introductory rates that soon disappear. So you don't have to keep moving your money around.
  • All our call centres are UK-based and are ready to help you.
  • You'll get access to a great range of Virgin Group discounts and free membership to our Lounges.

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You open your account online and manage it through our Online Service site 24/7.


You open your account in Store and manage it in Store using a passbook.


You open your account over the phone or by sending us an application form and manage it through the post.
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