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Everyone's better off when savings are made simple

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Cash ISAs

Start here to make the most of your tax-free allowance. In an ISA, you don’t pay any tax on your interest. Currently, you can subscribe up to £5,940 of new money this tax year in a Cash ISA. The illustrations showing estimated value are calculated over the first year of investment into the accounts and are based on the current rate for these accounts providing no withdrawals are made.

Easy Access Cash ISA Issue 7

Variable Rate of Term/Notice Access Min and max balance
1.50% AER1
1.50% Tax-free3 P.A.
None Branch
£1 - None
  • A straightforward savings account, with access to your money
  • Add or withdraw money when you choose to
  • Start saving from just £1
  • Use our Transfer Service to bring all of your Cash ISAs together
  • You keep all of the interest as there's no tax to pay

Estimated value after first year

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