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Virgin Money launches new buy-to-let intermediary exclusives and extends £750 cashback offer
18/11/2015 17:00:00

Virgin Money's intermediary commitments help drive mortgage growth
17/11/2015 12:00:00

Creative minds join forces in the heart of Newcastle to do 'Tech for Good' in support of NSPCC and Virgin Money Giving
12/11/2015 12:00:00

Virgin Money welcomes interim report into the credit card market from the FCA
04/11/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches two new money transfer credit cards and cuts 37 month balance transfer card fee
03/11/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money signs up to support the North East's 'Cyclone Festival of Cycling' in 2016
26/10/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches new buy-to-let range and reduces higher LTV mortgage rates
30/10/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money extends sponsorship of the London Marathon to 2020 as Virgin Money Giving celebrates its sixth birthday
20/10/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches new International Money Transfer service with no transaction fees and a best rate guarantee
19/10/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money cuts fee on its 37 month balance transfer credit card and announces removal of limited offer deadline
16/10/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money expands buy-to-let range and reduces selected mortgage rates
16/10/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money: Q3 2015 Trading Update
15/10/2015 07:00:00

Virgin Money launches home insurance backed by right-first-time, no argument customer price promise
13/10/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches attractive new ISAs
01/10/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money extends the availability of its market-leading 37 month balance transfer credit card
01/10/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money updates mortgage range
25/09/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches new one-year Fixed Rate Cash ISA
19/09/2015 16:00:00

Virgin Money reduces mortgage rates by up to 0.40%
15/09/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches 37 month balance transfer credit card and cuts money transfer fee on 34 month card
10/09/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches new two-year fixed rate savings accounts
08/09/2015 14:00:00

Virgin Money reduces mortgage rates by up to 0.20%
08/09/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money partners with Travelex to launch new Travel Money service
27/08/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches a top 40 hit – the longest-ever balance transfer credit card
21/08/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money opens new Lounge in Haymarket, Central London
10/08/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches new charitable foundation and invites applications for grants
10/08/2015 09:00:00

Virgin Money launched new 3-year Fixed Rate saving accounts
06/08/2015 14:00:00

Virgin Money: Results for the half-year to 30 June 2015
28/07/2015 07:00:00

Virgin Money improves higher LTV residential mortgage range
24/07/2015 10:00:00

"No Interest": Virgin Money Introduces the world's most boring credit card
07/07/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money reduces mortgage rates and removes residential application fee
07/07/2015 11:00:00

Virgin Money launches new remortgage deals and reduces selected mortgage rates
16/06/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money enhances its new build mortgage policy
11/06/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money appoints new independent non-executive director
10/06/2015 14:00:00

Never mind the bollocks, here’s the new Virgin Money credit card
09/06/2015 07:00:00

Virgin Money makes improvements to its mortgage range
04/06/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money cuts credit card fees
20/05/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money celebrates Royal arrival with Charlottes and Charlies everywhere
05/05/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money Q1 2015 Trading Update
01/05/2015 07:00:00

Virgin Money reduces balance transfer fees and expands credit card range
29/04/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money improves residential mortgage range
21/04/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money increases interest rates for savings customers
26/03/2015 09:00:00

Virgin Money launches new and improved fixed rate ISAs
24/03/2015 14:00:00

Virgin Money launches new competitive Defined Access Saver
09/03/2015 14:00:00

Virgin Money Group 2014 Results
05/03/2015 07:00:00

Virgin Money reduces mortgage rates by up to 0.80%
17/02/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches competitive new mortgage products
30/01/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money cuts rates and waives fees on selected mortgage products
23/01/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches new savings products and increases ISA rates
15/01/2015 14:00:00

Virgin Money reduces selected Mortgage rates on Intermediary Exclusives
14/01/2015 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches new mortgage range for the new year
05/01/2015 13:00:00


Virgin Money agrees strategic partnership with Ageas Retail to provide Home and Motor Insurance
17/12/2014 13:00:00

Virgin Money announces new charitable foundation and welcomes £4 million government donation
11/12/2014 12:00:00

Virgin Money agrees strategic partnership with Monitise
05/12/2014 07:00:00

Virgin Money announces purchase of £363 million credit card asset portfolio from MBNA
01/12/2014 12:00:00

Virgin Money sells Church House Trust Limited to Ocean Industries S.A.
01/12/2014 09:00:00

Virgin Money launches a cracker for customers this Christmas
27/11/2014 16:00:00

Virgin Money appoints IFDS as its exclusive provider of third party fund administration services
27/11/2014 12:00:00

Virgin Money’s new rapid remortgage products mean customers can move their mortgage before Christmas
17/11/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money Holdings (UK) plc: Publication of Prospectus
13/11/2014 17:30:00

Virgin Money Holdings (UK) plc: Announcement of Offer Price
13/11/2014 07:00:00

Virgin Money Holdings (UK) plc: Update on Intention to Float
04/11/2014 07:30:00

Virgin Money announces Q3 trading and leverage ratio update
31/10/2014 16:30:00

Virgin Money Holdings (UK) plc: Update on Intention to Float
17/10/2014 12:00:00

Virgin Money Holdings (UK) plc: Announcement of Intention to Float
02/10/2014 07:00:00

Virgin Money announces plans to invest in North East community projects
25/09/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money named UK's coolest bank
22/09/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money launches new six-year fixed rate mortgages from 2.99%
16/09/2014 15:00:00

Virgin Money cuts mortgage rates across its range
15/09/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money Announces Appointment of Chairman Designate and First Half 2014 Trading Update
12/09/2014 07:00:00

Virgin Money appoints new Independent Non-Executive Director
02/09/2014 18:00:00

Virgin Money launches new savings accounts
01/09/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money launches new range of Mortgage products
29/08/2014 10:00:00

Virgin Money cuts buy-to-let rates by up to 0.80%
14/08/2014 16:30:00

Virgin Money launches new fee-free remortgage exclusives
11/08/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money ‘Stamp Duty Buster’ for Help To Buy Equity Loan Customers
08/08/2014 10:00:00

Virgin Money cuts rates by up to 0.40% across its Mortgage range
31/07/2014 10:00:00

Virgin Money extends Edinburgh Fireworks Concert sponsorship to 2017
30/07/2014 12:00:00

Virgin Money to pay £154.5 million to government and announces 200 new jobs
25/07/2014 12:00:00

Virgin Money’s latest lounge lands in Glasgow
24/07/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money removes £30,000 minimum income cap on help to buy equity loan products
24/07/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money makes reductions of up to 0.40% across its mortgage range
21/07/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money updates mortgage range
04/07/2014 14:00:00

New ISA rules will make no difference to two-thirds of people
30/06/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money increases rates for savers: new ISA, no restrictions
27/06/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money launches new savings products and increases ISA rates
20/06/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money cuts buy-to-let rates by up to 0.50%
19/06/2014 17:00:00

Virgin Money cuts rates to field a strong intermediary XI amidst football fever
16/06/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money wins consumer award for its prepaid card
05/06/2014 14:00:00

Virgin money reduces fixed and tracker mortgage rates
03/06/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money Wi-Fi usage in Stores now tops 100,000 hours each month
21/05/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money mortgage growth continues as balances top £20 billion
12/05/2014 14:00:00

Virgin Money statement on the Northern Rock Foundation's decision to close
25/04/2014 15:00:00

Virgin Money set to achieve their ambition to help London Marathon runners smash £¼ billion charity target
16/04/2014 16:00:00

Virgin Money reintroduces WWF Young Saver partnership
15/04/2014 16:00:00

Virgin Money launches the Endeavour Trophy
15/04/2014 15:00:00

Virgin Money launches new 75% LTV Buy-to-let mortgage range
14/03/2014 15:00:00

Virgin Money soars to new heights with its London Lounge
10/03/2014 15:00:00

Virgin Money Group 2013 Results
04/03/2014 07:00:00

Virgin Money Launches new 29-month balance transfer credit card
25/02/2014 16:00:00

Virgin Money Improves its 90% LTV Rate
25/02/2014 10:00:00

Virgin Money appoints new independent Non-executive Director
31/01/2014 16:00:00

Virgin Money updates mortgage range
31/01/2014 10:00:00


Virgin Money celebrates a year of start-up loans in the North East and Cumbria
24/12/2013 10:00:00

Virgin Money launch Help to Buy mortgages ahead of schedule
09/12/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money to cut buy-to-let rates as part of mortgage range update
29/11/2013 14:00:00

Virgin Money expands its popular Norwich Lounge
19/11/2013 17:00:00

100 New North East businesses thanks to Start-Up Loans
06/11/2013 17:00:00

Virgin Money launches new mortgages - available for two weeks only
05/11/2013 17:00:00

Virgin Money launches new range of savings products
05/11/2013 15:30:00

Entries open for newly UCI accredited Virgin Money Cyclone
28/10/2013 15:30:00

North East Start-Ups flex their muscles in live Google+ hangout
25/10/2013 14:00:00

Virgin Money updates mortgage range
25/10/2013 10:00:00

Winner announced for £1,000 business challenge
24/10/2013 09:00:00

Shortlist announced for £1,000 business challenge
15/10/2013 09:00:00

Newcastle Start-Up takes part in live televised debate
04/10/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money launches new fixed rate savings range
07/10/2013 14:00:00

British clubs get shirty in Euro League kit battle
03/10/2013 13:00:00

New "Virgin Money £1,000 business challenge" launches
30/09/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money reduces mortgage rates
26/09/2013 15:30:00

Virgin Money launches new buy-to-let product range
23/09/2013 09:00:00

North East Start-Up 'Weekend Box' invited to No.10
16/09/2013 17:30:00

Virgin Money announces sponsorship of the South Pole Allied Challenge
16/09/2013 09:00:00

Start-up Loans helps bring Tinseltown back to Tyneside
13/09/2013 15:00:00

Virgin Money helps grow the entrepreneurs of the future
06/09/2013 15:00:00

Superior shine is motoring along thanks to Start Up Loans
03/09/2013 12:20:00

Virgin Money Golf Day raises £26,000 to help tackle blood cancer
02/09/2013 15:00:00

Virgin Money extends 'Fringe on the High Street' sponsorship deal to 2016
02/09/2013 09:00:00

Next generation of comedians graduate from the Fringe Comedy Academy
22/08/2013 14:00:00

Dundee Virgin Money staff cycle for blood cancer charity
21/08/2013 14:00:00

Virgin Money builds an executive team for the future
21/08/2013 16:00:00

Virgin Money reduces mortgage rates
20/08/2013 17:00:00

Football fans face annual £1,570 bill as costs climb
15/08/2013 09:00:00

North East start-ups in Google+ hangout with Sir Richard Branson
09/08/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money's ‘Be the Start’ shortlist announced
07/08/2013 09:00:00

Mind the gap - Future pensioners face over £66,000 savings shortfall
30/07/2013 09:00:00

Start-up 'The No1 Training Academy' seeks students
30/07/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money welcomes royal arrival George, and George's everywhere
25/07/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money makes changes to its mortgage range
22/07/2013 08:00:00

North East start-up 'Optimal You' launches boot camp
18/07/2013 08:00:00

New type of Start-Up Loan for budding entrepreneurs in the North East and Cumbria
18/07/2013 08:00:00

Virgin Money Giving breaks the £200 million barrier
03/07/2013 08:00:00

Virgin Money: Trading update and 2012 full year results
26/06/2013 08:00:00

Virgin Money reduces rates across its mortgage range
31/05/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money announces new 26 month balance transfer credit card
23/05/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money launches new Fixed Rate Savings Accounts
02/05/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money joins forces with the WWF to help young savers become life-savers
30/04/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money updates mortgage range
26/04/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money presents 'Choclateas' with sponsorship of Newcastle United
26/04/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money amends mortgage range
03/04/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money renews headline sponsorship of the Edinburgh Festival Fireworks Concert
11/03/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money mortgage rate reductions
04/03/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money launches new ISA paying 2.75%
01/03/2013 14:00:00

Five start-up businesses shortlisted to become the Toon's sponsor for the day
28/02/2013 17:00:00

Virgin Money reduces mortgage rates
20/02/2013 09:00:00

Virgin Money announces launch of own credit card business after £1bn deal with MBNA to buy assets
18/01/2013 15:00:00

Virgin Money reduces mortgage rates
14/01/2013 16:00:00

Virgin Money Cyclone - Your chance to ride with the pros
09/01/2013 10:00:00

Virgin Money amends interest-only residential lending policy
08/01/2013 13:00:00


Virgin Money launches new fixed rate savings bonds
20/12/2012 17:00:00

Parents call for financial education in schools
13/12/2012 13:00:00

Virgin Money reduces rates for first time buyers
07/12/2012 09:00:00

Virgin Money mortgage product changes
21/11/2012 12:00:00

Virgin Money cuts rates on Fee Saver mortgages
13/11/2012 09:00:00

Virgin Money launches securitisation issue
02/11/2012 13:30:00

Virgin Money reduces residential and buy to let mortgage rates
19/10/2012 15:00:00

Virgin Money launches new issue of its Easy Access Saver Account
19/10/2012 11:00:00

Virgin Money launches ‘The best of Virgin’ programme for Intermediaries
16/10/2012 15:00:00

Virgin Money Cyclone entries open 1 November
09/10/2012 14:00:00

Virgin Money updates its savings range
08/10/2012 14:00:00

Swindon store manager has afternoon tea with Sir Richard Branson
05/10/2012 10:00:00

Virgin Money increases interest rate on fixed rate cash ISA
02/10/2012 10:00:00

Virgin Money sponsorship of Newcastle United to end early
01/10/2012 14:00:00

Virgin Money wins customer experience of the year award
25/09/2012 08:00:00

Virgin Money to reduce selected mortgage rates
24/09/2012 15:00:00

Fans go into extra time for the football season
21/09/2012 15:00:00

Fans pay the price as football costs climb
11/09/2012 16:00:00

Virgin London Triathlon gets people active and supporting good causes
11/09/2012 16:00:00

Get kids going! Celebrate the remarkable David Weir
07/09/2012 16:00:00

Virgin Money cuts mortgage rates and launches 60% LTV products
02/08/2012 10:00:00

Virgin Money agrees to buy £465m high quality mortgage book from UKAR
23/07/2012 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches new 90 day notice saver
12/07/2012 10:00:00

Virgin Money opens first new banking store in Guildford
08/07/2012 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches new charity account and calls on banks to focus on charity sector
28/06/2012 10:00:00

Virgin Money Annual Report and Accounts 2011
27/06/2012 10:00:00

Virgin Money launches securitisation issue
22/06/2012 10:00:00

Virgin Money reduces fixed rate mortgages by up to 0.20%
22/06/2012 10:00:00

Virgin Money reduces mortgage rates
29/05/2012 12:30:00

Plymouth named as the UK’s most cycle-friendly city
28/05/2012 16:30:00

Football fans squeezed as costs soar
16/04/2012 12:30:00

Nest egg savers should crack stocks & shares ISAs
30/03/2012 11:00:00

Virgin Money launches new 'early bird' ISA service
21/02/2012 09:00:00

Virgin Money to sponsor the UK's biggest cycling festival
20/02/2012 09:00:00

Virgin Money Lounge opens in Manchester
10/02/2012 09:00:00

Virgin Money launches two new savings products
01/02/2012 09:00:00

Virgin Money begins quest for better banking
09/01/2012 09:00:00

Launch of new Virgin Savings accounts
05/01/2012 12:00:00

Virgin Money to sponsor Newcastle United Football Club
04/01/2012 17:00:00

Virgin Money completes the acquisition of Northern Rock plc
01/01/2012 09:00:00


Virgin Money acquires Northern Rock
17/11/2011 09:00:00

Virgin Money appoints Sir David Clementi as Chairman
07/10/2011 15:30:00

Virgin Money launches "all round" credit card
03/10/2011 10:30:00

Make a start and everyone's better off
20/08/2011 16:10:00

Nearly one in seven season ticket holders are not renewing
20/05/2011 11:20:00

One in four families already saving for higher tuition fees
01/04/2011 11:20:00

Virgin Money announces new 18 month credit card balance transfer deal
16/03/2011 10:00:00

St.Helens is the UK's car friendliest town
07/03/2011 16:35:00

Virgin Money signs deal for 28 St Andrew Square Edinburgh
22/02/2011 10:15:00

Charity cash goes begging as sponsors fail to pay up
16/02/2011 10:15:00

Fans go the distance - 1,970 miles a season
10/02/2011 10:15:00

Virgin Money announces sponsorship of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe's 'Fringe on the High Street'
03/02/2011 10:15:00

Share ISAs returned four times as much as cash in 2010
02/02/2011 09:00:00

Two out of five fans want players to take wage cuts
30/01/2011 09:00:00


Virgin Money adds euro and dollar prepaid travel card
09/12/2010 09:00:00

Virgin Money extends balance transfer deal
15/11/2010 09:00:00

Market-leading cards to go contactless from 25 October
27/10/2010 09:00:00

Replica kit off as football fans cut back
06/10/2010 09:00:00

Fans share season tickets in bid to cut costs
27/09/2010 09:00:00

Pledge to 'make a difference' with Virgin Money
10/09/2010 09:00:00

Annuity transfer delays can cost pensioners £127 a week

Track the value of your downloads

St. Helens is the UK's car friendliest town

Cost of football hits a two-year low

Virgin Money goes positive on card order payments

Virgin Money appoints Stephen Pearson as General Counsel

IFA confidence in UK shares grows

Virgin Money welcomes the future of banking commission report

Virgin Money zeroes in on balance transfers and purchases

Coalition government 'will boost investment sales'

Virgin Money Giving breaks the £10 million barrier for charity

Party at Potters Field

Virgin Money goes the distance with Marathon Credit Card and Phil Packer

Eastbourne is the UK’s most holiday-friendly town

Simon Cowell has the X-factor for Marathon

Optimism about emerging markets surges among IFAs

WL Ross & Co makes strategic investment in Virgin Money

One in four season tickets could be cancelled

Watch out if you have got a five-year-old car

Over 50s get back into ISAs

Virgin Money announces Board team

Virgin Money offer for Church House Trust declared unconditional in all respects

World Cup win will cost fans £320 million

It's all downhill for wallets in Vancouver

Beware burst pipes

Virgin Money announces offer for Church House Trust Plc

Recommended Offer by Virgin Money Holdings (UK) Limited for Church House Trust Plc (Offer document)

Announcement of posting of Offer document by Virgin Money Holdings (UK) Limited


Advisers most optimistic on emerging markets for 2010

Christmas shoppers beware on December 19th

Rising fuel costs hit football fans

Fans fear clubs could go bust

Not up for the cup

Check the cost of Prague at Christmas

Bournemouth is the UK's most holiday-friendly town

Virgin Money expands into online charity fundraising

Virgin Money Giving is up and 'Running with Richard'

Accidents will happen - particularly in October

Tourists will take a pounding in New York

Confidence is back as investors bet on shares

Football fans in the red

Football fans go into extra time for the new season

Kids go free with new Virgin Money Travel Insurance

More fans to ditch live football due to cost

Annuity transfer confusion 'costs pensioners up to £1,400'

Don't bank on a gnome alone for garden security

Telford is the UK's car friendliest town

IFAs look to structured products, Virgin Money research shows

Green shoots on the cards as going out is back in fashion

Pets win prizes as recession bites

Three out of five cut back on away games

Bank Holiday danger warning

Replica kit off as fans cut spending

Fans demand players take a wage cut

Danger: 23-year-old driver alert

Use it or lose it - and beat low rates

Safe as houses in Kensington and Chelsea

Music to your ears

Investors turn to Bonds as confidence nosedives

Nearly one in three expect income cut

Virgin Money adds to prepaid card offering

ISA flight to safety as savers squeezed

Don't Do It Yourself as home improvement sales slide

More than half of parents say cost puts them off taking kids to games

Recession bites as football fans count the cost


Jayne-Anne Gadhia becomes Executive Chairman of Virgin Money companies worldwide

Annuity transfer target will still cost pensioners

Virgin Money's dreams dashed by monster wave

Hearts sink on Virgin Money

Virgin Money forced off course

Virgin Money sets off on sailing record attempt

Insure you keep track of downloads

One in four fans will cut back this season

Sir Richard Branson to attempt Atlantic crossing record aboard 'Virgin Money'

Flight to safety as IFAs turn to cash and bonds

Annuity delays can cost up to £10,000

Green Light Trust boosted by Virgin Money donation

Virgin Money urges homeowners to improve security

Pre-paid cards set for holiday take-off

IFAs point to emerging markets and UK equities for future growth

Telford takes pole position as UK's car friendliest town

Soaring inflation fails to deter eco-shoppers

One in seven fans won't renew season tickets

Virgin signs 2010 London Marathon sponsorship deal

Only 420 pay packets to go – and all I'll get is a £3,000-a-year pension

Football scores own goal with children

Green should not mean poor performance, say IFAs

Cash ISA accounts outnumber shares three to one

One in five UK shoppers check environmental impact before buying

Average cost of supporting Premiership club in 2007 was £1,331

Today's the day to start the year over again

IFAs go green with climate change funds

Virgin Consortium Submits Formal Proposal

Virgin Money Launches New 'Climate Change Fund'


Virgin Consortium Lodges Proposal with Northern Rock Advisers

Virgin to launch new climate change 'leadership' fund

Virgin-led Consortium submits proposal to Northern Rock plc

Only a game? Fans put football ahead of friends and family

One in ten fans to attend fewer live games this season

Brits left cold by tourist hot spots

Football fans go into extra time

The UK’s best towns and cities for drivers revealed

Virgin Money launches ‘Pay as you go’ card

Freddie Flintoff is Father of the Year

Virgin Money Celebrity Dad of the Year 2007

One in eight season ticket holders won't renew due to cost

Forget the rich list, here's Britains first spend list

Fans think about football 80 times a day

The biscuit tin economy

'Looks' after your retirement

4X4 Drivers should have permits

Winston Churchill cashes in on British vote

Drivers willing to pay for more 'green' cars

Supporters travel over nine billion miles each year following their teams

Football fans turn backs on live games as costs soar