Virgin Travel Insurance - Find the right cover for you

Virgin Travel Insurance - Find the right cover for you

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What we cover

What does Virgin Travel Insurance cover?

All Virgin Travel Insurance policies provide cover for the essentials when you travel, including emergency medical and travel expenses and legal help. You also have cover if your holiday is cut short or cancelled.

In addition, each option has its own features and benefits. Click on the links below to see what’s covered under each type of insurance.

Single trip travel insurance
Annual multi-trip travel insurance
Backpacker travel insurance
Over 65s travel insurance

Am I covered for winter sports?

Winter sports cover is free with all our annual travel insurance or you can choose our specialist single trip winter sports cover.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be covered for damaged, lost or stolen equipment, piste closure and medical expenses. It also covers on and off-piste skiing and snowboarding.

Am I covered for activity holidays?

Yes, we cover 40 adventure sports automatically on all our travel insurance policies.

Plus you can add on 'additional activities' subject to additional coverage fees, call 0844 888 3900 to find out more.

If the activity you’d like to do isn't listed, please give us a call and we’ll try and arrange to add it to your cover.

Am I covered for pre-existing medical conditions?

We do cover many pre existing medical conditions as standard, but in order to ensure you are covered, call us on 0844 888 3900.

What if someone in my immediate family has a pre-existing medical condition – will I need to provide you with this information during my application?

Yes, you need to include any information in your application that you feel might prevent you from travelling. This also includes any pre-existing medical conditions of your immediate family who aren’t travelling.

Remember to let us know if you or a close family member's circumstances change before you travel.

Call us on 0844 888 3900 and we'll talk it through with you.

What's an excess?

This is when you have to pay the first part of a claim. Most sections of your travel insurance policy will have an excess.

You'll find details of the excess for each part of your policy in the relevant section of the policy booklet.

Can I choose not to have an excess on my travel insurance policy?

Yes. You can pay a little extra so your policy includes an ‘excess waiver’ which means there won’t be an excess to pay on any of your claims.

However there will still be an excess to pay on claims for declared medical conditions or dangerous activities.

What is scheduled airline failure cover?

This cover ensures that you are protected in the event the scheduled airline you booked your flights with goes bankrupt or becomes insolvent.

The cover is for the outward journey to the initial destination on your trip itinerary and your final return journey to the UK only.

For example, if the initial destination on your trip itinerary is Hong Kong but you have to change flights in Dubai, the cost of both scheduled airline flights would be covered.

What is supplier insolvency cover?

This provides cover in the event your travel providers (other than scheduled airlines) go bankrupt or become insolvent.

It includes short-let holiday accommodation including hotels and car hire.

What is travel disruption cover?

‘Travel disruption cover’ is an optional extra. This helps in the event that your travel is disrupted by either a natural disaster or civil unrest. It provides you with extended cover for delayed or missed departure, as well as help if you are unable to reach or live in your booked accommodation.

Please note, travel disruption is not standard, so if you would like to add it, please get in touch to let us know.

What isn't covered?

The following aren't covered by Virgin Travel Insurance:

  • Travelling against medical advice.
  • Any existing medical conditions we haven't agreed to cover.
  • Hazardous sports or activities we haven't agreed to cover.
  • Visiting countries the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travelling to (you can find their latest travel advice at
  • The excess amount you have to pay towards a claim (unless you’ve opted for an ‘excess waiver’ in which case you’ll only pay an excess on declared medical conditions or dangerous activities).

Please also see the exclusion sections in the policy document.

Who we cover

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes. The main policyholder needs to be 18 or over. There's no minimum age for people travelling with you. Up to 3 under 18s are included free with each adult on all our travel insurance.

The maximum age for our cover is 75. However if you’re over 65 the maximum you'll be covered for on any one trip is 31 days.

Does everyone covered have to live at the same address?

No, you can include people living at different addresses unless it is a family policy when everyone named on the policy must live at the same address.

Will I be covered if I travel separately from the other people on my policy?

Yes, if you've got annual cover. Our 'couple' and 'family' policies automatically cover you all independently on your travels. So whether you have a family holiday or the children go off on school trips, you're all covered.

Single trip policies only cover people going on the same trip so you won't be covered if you travel separately.

Where we cover

Am I covered for trips within the UK?

Yes as long as you have booked accommodation for two or more nights in a row.

Please be aware that for the purpose of this insurance the United Kingdom is defined as England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland and does not include the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

Why would I need travel insurance for trips in the UK?

If you stay in the UK the NHS should cover your medical needs but without travel insurance you won't be compensated if you have to cancel your trip because of ill health.

Please be aware that for the purpose of this insurance the United Kingdom is defined as England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland and does not include the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

The Channel Islands & Isle of Man are deemed to be part of Europe for the purposes of this insurance.

Why would I need travel insurance for trips in Europe?

If you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) this will cover the cost of treatment for most medical emergencies in an EU country. However it doesn't include things like ambulance or airlift call-outs or the cost of getting home.

It also won't cover you if you have to cancel a journey or cut it short because of illness.

Is there anywhere in the world you don't cover?

Virgin Travel Insurance doesn't cover you if you're visiting countries the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travelling to (you can find their latest travel advice at

For other exclusions, please read the policy document.

How long cover lasts

What's the maximum time I can travel for on my annual policy?

With annual multi-trip policies you can travel as many times as you like during the year, as long as no single trip lasts longer than 45 days (31 days for over 65s). Under our Gold and Black cover, if you’re 65 or under the maximum length of a single trip is 90 days.

How many trips a year can I take with annual cover?

As many as you like, our different levels of cover offer trip duration limits which range from 31 days to 90 days.

With our winter sports cover you can have up to 17 days a year on and off-piste (or 24 days if you have Gold or Black cover).

How long can I stay away on single trip cover?

Single trip cover can last up to 365 days if you are aged 65 or under. We will only cover you for up to 31 days for each trip if you are aged 66 or over.

Making a claim

How do I make a claim?

If you have trouble while you're travelling make sure you report any incident to the authorities within 24 hours and then call us to make a claim.

If you need to make a claim or speak to us about an existing claim
call 0844 888 3902
Lines are open 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday - Friday.

Make an emergency claim
call +44 (0) 207 748 8908.

Click here for current call charges and information. Calls will be recorded.

Renewing or cancelling your policy

How can I renew my annual travel insurance?

You will receive a letter from us three to four weeks before your policy cover expires explaining what you need to do in order to renew your policy, if you wish to renew your policy prior to receiving this letter please call us on
0844 888 3903 to arrange this.

How do I cancel my policy?

Before you take out your cover, please check you're happy with everything in the policy document.

If you wish to cancel your policy please call us on +44 (0)207 748 0656 or email

Other questions

What company provides Virgin Travel Insurance?

Virgin Travel Insurance is promoted by Virgin Money Personal Financial Service Ltd, is arranged and administered by Insure & Go Insurance Services Ltd and is underwritten by MAPFRE Asistencia.

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