Learn about Easy Access accounts

If you’d like to make sure you can get your hands on your money quickly and conveniently, and don’t want to tie it up for the long-term, we have a choice of short-term and easy access savings for you to choose from.

How do Easy Access accounts work?

Easy access accounts are really simple – you don’t need notice to withdraw,
and you can add at any time. If your account was opened at a Store you can
have a passbook to help keep you up-to-date.

We also offer easy access accounts online, again, no
notice withdrawals and the option to add money at any
time. It allows you to keep track of your money 24/7
on our secure online system.

How much can you earn?

The interest you will earn on your easy access account
is dependant on a number of factors:

  • The amount of money you deposit
  • The amount of money you withdraw
  • The variable interest rate

These factors should all be carefully considered when choosing which Easy Access account is right for you.

Why choose an Easy Access Account?

  • A good home for money you might need to get your hands on quickly
  • You have the flexibility to add to your savings as often as you like
  • They pay variable rates of interest, so the amount of interest you earn changes over time
  • Some accounts come with a passbook to help you keep track of your savings
  • With others, you get regular statements through the post
  • Some options give you round the clock access to your savings along with online statement viewing
  • It's easy to open all our accounts. And there’s a range of ways to apply for most, including in-store, over the phone, by post and online

It's so easy to apply

Applying and managing your easy access account couldn’t be easier. Most accounts are operated by post or in your local Store. You can apply online in a matter of minutes, in-store, by post or phone.

Some of our accounts are only applied for and managed online, giving you the flexibility to manage your money 24/7.

Interested in an Easy Access Account?

You can look at our easy access accounts or we can help you to find a savings account from our entire range if you’re still not sure what type of account you want. Alternatively, if you would like to chat to us in person, please pop into your local Store or call 0345 600 4466* and we’ll be more than happy to help.