Virgin Personal Pensions - The UK's simplest pension

Virgin Personal Pensions - The UK's simplest pension

Why choose a Virgin Pension?

The Virgin Money Personal Pension is a stakeholder pension. Stakeholder pensions are simply a type of personal pension which guarantee to meet certain standards.

Our pension has always offered great value and high standards, and was used as the blueprint for stakeholder pensions.

Read more about the guaranteed standards for stakeholder pensions and how we continue to beat them

Low charges mean more money when you retire
Our pension has no upfront or monthly charges. This means more of the money you pay in works hard from day one.

Our only charge is an annual fee of 1%.

You're not tied to rigid payments
You can simply stop, start or change your payments into your pension any time without penalty. Simply pay in a bit more or a bit less, as and when you can afford it.

Please remember, stopping or reducing your payments may reduce the amount you get back from your pension.

Why choose a Virgin Pension?

Our investment approach

In the early years, our focus is on growing your money in our Pension Growth Fund. It works by locking your savings into the long-term growth of the whole stock market, using an investment approach called 'index-tracking'.

Index tracking was championed by Virgin and has proved so successful it's now one of the most commonly used investment approaches in the UK.

As you near retirement, safeguarding the money you've saved becomes the priority, so we gradually move your savings into our Pension Income Protector Fund.

Read more about our investment approach

Remember, investments can go down as well as up and there is no guarantee you will get back all you invest.

Why choose a Virgin Pension?

Great online service

Our service doesn't stop once you've taken out a Virgin Pension. Every six months we write to let you know how your savings are doing.

You can also keep track of your pension 24 hours a day online. And if you need to call us, our call centre is open until 9pm weekdays and 6pm on Saturdays.

Great customer offers

Plus, as a Virgin Money customer you'll be entitled to a great range of deals and discounts with other Virgin companies and big name brands.

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