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Credit Card payment holiday

What to do when your payment holiday is due to end

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This service is available to existing Virgin Money, Virgin Atlantic, Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank and B credit card customers who have taken a payment holiday as a result of coronavirus.

What do I need to do?

We'll write to you around four weeks before your payment holiday ends to confirm when your next payment is due.

Before your payment holiday ends, please complete our online form. We will use the information you provide to make sure we're giving you enough support to manage your account.

Even if you can afford to resume making at least your minimum payments, it's still important that you tell us, as this means we won't attempt to follow up with you again later.

Our Contact Centres are extremely busy at the moment, so providing this information online is the fastest way for us to help you if you do need further support.

Frequently asked questions

You may now be able to make at least your minimum payments again - if so, that's great. We still need you to complete our online form though so we can make sure these details are up to date.

If you can't make at least your minimum payments, completing our online form gives us the information we need. Once you've done that, we can review your account and help you find the best way forward. You can also contact us to talk about your situation if you need to.

Have a Direct Debit? Here's what you need to do:

  • If you pay by Direct Debit and we haven't asked you to cancel it, there's nothing to do - it will be reinstated and we'll automatically take your new monthly payment.
  • If you pay by Direct Debit but we asked you to cancel it, or you cancelled it, you'll need to set it up again. If you're a Virgin Money or Virgin Atlantic credit card customer you can do this in our mobile app or via Online Service.
  • If you don’t pay by Direct Debit, please make payments in your normal way. If you prefer paying by standing order, you'll need to get that back up and running. You can also pay by bank transfer or debit card.

If you're able to make payments again, we don't need much information - it's quick and easy. If you can't make the payments, we'll need some more details and it will take a little longer. We'll ask for some personal details and account information and it'll be helpful to have your statement to hand.

Remember, even if you can make your payments from now on, we still need you to complete our online form.

Have your statement to hand so you can see your last minimum payment amount. You can access your statement in our mobile app.

If you can't make at least your minimum payments at the moment, we'll ask you for the following information. Please make sure you have it handy.

  • Your existing loan and credit commitments, such as your mortgage, a credit card or loan.
  • Your household bills and essential spending, for example groceries and subscriptions.
  • Details of any financial support you give to dependents or other family - including maintenance, education, child care. This should include elderly or disabled dependants.
  • Vehicle or travel expenses, such as fuel costs, parking fees or travel tickets.
  • Any monthly insurance fees or pension contributions that you pay.

If you're worried you can't make payments, please complete our online form. This is the best way to let us know if you need any further help.

You won't be charged any default fees for one month after your payment holiday ends. But please be aware that any late or missed payments could affect your credit file. We'll still charge fees for other things like balance transfers, money transfers and any annual card fee.

Yes - this will tell us if you can continue to make the payments you've agreed to. It will also let us know if you need extra support.

The way we calculate your minimum payment will be the same as it was before your payment holiday, unless you've agreed to increase your minimum payments to pay off your balance quicker.

Your new minimum payments may seem higher because you've been charged interest - which has been added to your balance - or you've continued to spend on your card.

Payment holidays don’t affect your credit file. But please be aware that any late or missed payments after your payment holiday ends could affect your credit file.

Things to remember

  • We won't update your account with the contact details you provide in this form. We'll only use them to help find your account and to get in touch if we can't contact you using the information we already have. You can update your contact details in Online Service.
  • If you have a general query about your payment holiday, our frequently asked questions have answers to the questions we're getting asked the most.
  • We will always treat your data with respect - you can find our more details in our Privacy Policy.

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