Savings in three minutes

Whether you’re putting something away for a rainy day or a week in the sun, with a £20,000 annual limit, Cash ISAs should be your first port of call for simple tax-free saving.

You can decide to squirrel it away for a fixed term or have easy access to your stash. And if you’re able to put aside more than the annual limit each year, you can choose from a range of savings accounts to suit you. Whatever you’re saving for.

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Savings in three minutes

Making banking better in three minutes

We know the world of money is a complex place – that’s why we’ve made a series of bite-sized films which aim to give you the facts you’ll need about your finances in just three minutes flat. Whether you’re planning a pension, considering a credit card, mulling over a mortgage, investigating investments or want savings made simple – we want everyone to feel better off.

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