Help to Buy: ISA in three minutes

If you're a first time buyer in the UK saving for your first home, a Help to Buy: ISA could be just what you need.

As well as earning tax-free interest as you save, the government will also give you a £50 tax-free bonus* for every £200 you put away – up to a maximum of £3,000 (if you save £12,000). And when you buy your first home, the government pays the bonus you’ve earned to your solicitor, who’ll use it to complete your house purchase.

*Subject to customer eligibility and acceptance of the Scheme Rules.

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Help to Buy: ISA in three minutes

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We know the world of money is a complex place – that’s why we’ve made a series of bite-sized films which aim to give you the facts you’ll need about your finances in just three minutes flat. Whether you’re planning a pension, considering a credit card, mulling over a mortgage, investigating investments or want savings made simple – we want everyone to feel better off.

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