About your Store

We’re closing but we’re still here for you

The way our customers choose to bank with us is changing. That means we have to adapt to meet these new needs, refining the way we do things, and investing in our digital services and products. The amount of transactions in our Stores is also dropping.

That said, our Stores are still a vital part of what we do. It’s incredibly important to us to strike a balance between the digital services we offer, and a Store network that meets the needs of our customers.

After a lot of thought – we’ve made the tough decision to close a number of our Stores.

We’ll keep investing in our Stores, but we’ll do this alongside other ways to bank with us. This is to make sure we keep up with the changing needs of our customers, and provide support as new technologies evolve and grow.

For an idea of the other ways you can bank with us, take a look at the table on page 4 of the Store impact assessment. The services we offer differ slightly depending on the product you have with us. Or use our Store finder at virginmoney.com/store-finder to find other Store locations.

Store impact assessments

These impact assessments give more detail on how we took the tough decision to close a few of our Stores and how to carry on accessing our banking services.

Following the postponement due to COVID-19, these documents have now been updated with the new closure dates.

All facts and figures in the impact assessments are accurate as at 24th January 2020

Store reviews

These Store reviews share the outcome of our engagement with our customers and community to make sure appropriate services are in place to support our customers’ banking needs. They also include the relevant contacts.

All facts and figures in the Store reviews are accurate as at 1st July 2020

We’ve teamed up with the Post Office to give our current account customers a range of helpful services.