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How to make a money transfer

Making a money transfer is easy to do. Just follow these instructions.

Please note the screenshots in our guides show how Online Service will look on your PC or laptop. It will look different if you are using a mobile but the steps involved are all exactly the same.

  1. Sign in to Online Service.
  2. Available offers will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen with your account summary information. Choose the money transfer offer link.
    If there are no offers shown on your account summary page, choose 'Services' from the main menu, then choose 'Transfer money to your bank account'.
  3. Read the important information and then choose the appropriate money transfer offer. Please recheck the details you have entered to ensure that they are correct then choose 'Continue'.
  4. Check the information is correct and read and agree to the important information before submitting - you can confirm your agreement at the bottom of the scroll box. Choose 'Submit'.
  5. For your security, we’ll instantly send an access code to the mobile phone you have registered with us. Check your text messages, and enter the code on screen where shown – you have five minutes to enter the code after it’s sent.
  6. That’s it. We’ll send you an email to let you know that your money transfer request is being processed.

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