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How to register for Online Service

Follow the instructions below to register for Online Services and activate your Credit Card at the same time.

Please note the screenshots in our guides show how Online Service will look on your PC or laptop. It will look different if you are using a mobile but the steps involved are all exactly the same.

  1. Choose 'Register for online service' from My Virgin Money Credit Cards.
  2. We will need some personal details from you such as first name, last name, date of birth, your Virgin Money Credit Card long number and your registration code. Don't worry if you've lost it, you can request a new one by selecting ‘I do not have my Registration Code’.
  3. We will also ask for your mobile number for security purposes, and so you can make full use of Online Service.

    Your mobile number is also used to send you a one‐time passcode. You will need to be able to receive these codes to complete certain actions and requests, so it’s important your number is up to date.
  4. That's it. You can now sign in and use Online Service. You can now:
  • View your account online.
  • Pay your credit card statements.
  • Make balance transfers.
  • Transfer money to your bank account.

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