Enter your details in the form to apply for an Arranged Overdraft for your Personal Current Account.

Please only use this form if you are over 18 and have one of the following account types:

  • M Plus Account
  • Club M Account

Please do not use this form if your account is a savings account.

Request your Arranged Overdraft

By providing this email address you consent to receive regulated documentation including your overdraft agreement by email.

Your sort code is 6 digits and will begin with either 05 or 82. Please do not include spaces or dashes.

Your account number is 8 digits.

We won't update our system with this contact information. We will only use this to contact you about the overdraft request if we're not able to contact you using the information we have on file.

We will share your information with credit reference agencies and your application may appear on the records these agencies have for you and that could impact your ability to obtain credit in future. We will always treat your data with respect – you can find out more details in our Privacy Policy Link opens in a new window/tab 

Please don't tick this box if you expect to be impacted for longer than three months, or if your personal circumstances mean you need support with your day to day banking. If either of these apply to you, please call our contact centre to discuss how we can help.