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We think banking should be about more than just interest rates and statements.

We want to use our expertise to do some good in the world – through helping charities, communities and the environment.

Virgin Money Foundation

Virgin Money Foundation

The Virgin Money Foundation is an independent foundation set up by Virgin Money to help people change their communities for the better. The Foundation was launched in August 2015 and has awarded over £3million to charities in the North East of England.

More about the Virgin Money Foundation

We know there are many enterprising people out there doing great things to transform the places they live in and love. We've been inspired by some of the work already underway in communities, making a long lasting difference to people's lives.

In 2015 the Virgin Money Foundation was launched with £8million of funding from the UK Government and Virgin Money to work together with the vision and drive of local people to help transform lives and re-energise communities.

Its ambition is to find and support people and organisations who want to make a real difference in the areas that need it most. Initially the Foundation is focusing its work on the North East of England but in time will expand to operate in other areas of the UK.

Currently Virgin Money Foundation supports charities in the following ways:

North East Fund

During 2015 and 2016 the Foundation awarded £2million of funding to charities and social enterprises in the North East working in three key areas: The provision of affordable housing to those facing homelessness; support for young people to gain sustainable employment and the generation of new social enterprises. The North East Fund is now in its third funding year.

Ripple Fund

A new fund, through which the Foundation will work with organisations seeking investment in projects that will make a real and long-term difference to areas of deprivation in the North East and across the UK. Since launching the Ripple Fund in December 2016 we have awarded over £750,000.

Non Financial Support

Harnessing the skills and motivation of the staff throughout Virgin Money, the Foundation brokers non-financial, skill based support for charities in receipt of a Virgin Money Foundation grant to meet a specific stated capacity building need. For more information, visit the Virgin Money Foundation website 

Virgin Money London Marathon

Virgin Money London Marathon

We’re proud sponsors of the Virgin Money London Marathon – the world’s biggest single day annual fundraising event – with over £374 million raised by runners for good causes in the last 7 years.

More about the Virgin Money London Marathon

It’s an honour to be linked to such an iconic event, but we didn’t want to just paint the city red. We like to sponsor events we can bring real value to somehow. So we did a lot of research around the Marathon and all that’s linked to it – including the communities of runners, fundraisers and charities that make it so special.

Since the first race in 1981, runners have raised an astonishing £830million* for good causes. In fact, the Marathon is the largest annual one day fund raising event in the world. A lot of money is raised through online donation sites, who naturally charge for the service they provide.

We thought we could put our expertise with money and our financial systems to good use, and come up with an alternative that’s 100% not-for-profit. So millions more £s would go where they’re needed most. Our online donation site Virgin Money Giving was born.

For more information, visit the Virgin Money London Marathon website 

*Figures correct post 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Street Events and Fireworks Concert

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Through our sponsorship of Fringe on the Royal Mile and Mound, we’re helping to make the Festival accessible to all.

More about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the biggest arts festival in the world and takes place in Scotland’s capital every August. Virgin Money is proud to sponsor two street events that are among the most exciting parts of the Festival – the Virgin Money Fringe on the Royal Mile and the Virgin Money Fringe on the Mound.

At Virgin Money we aim to make ‘everyone better off’, which makes these events the perfect partner for us as they’re open and accessible to everyone. Across 4 weeks of entertainment in 2016, Edinburgh saw:

  • 50,266 performances
  • 3,269 shows

We’re also proud to sponsor of the The Virgin Money Fireworks concert which brought the 2016 Edinburgh International Festival to a stunning close as the sky filled with giant walls of silver and golden crackle effect fireworks. More than 400,000 fireworks were launched during the concert in a display synchronised perfectly to music performed live by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

Find out more about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 

Charity of the Year

Teenage Cancer Trust logo

We're delighted to introduce Teenage Cancer Trust, the Virgin Money London Marathon charity for 2018. We're supporting Teenage Cancer Trust to achieve their goal of raising £1.5m. Teenage Cancer Trust provides world-class services to young people in the UK living with cancer.

More about Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to supporting young people by bringing them together to be treated in special places designed just for them. The charity has built 28 specialist units across every major NHS cancer hospital, which are designed to feel more like a home than a hospital ward.

Almost half of young people with cancer are not treated at these specialist units. Instead, they are cared for in hospitals where they might never meet another young person with cancer. This is a scary and lonely experience. Teenage Cancer Trust is building a wider Nursing & Support Service within the NHS to help all young people, wherever they receive treatment.

To find out more visit the Teenage Cancer Trust Official website.

Helping the community

Every member of staff is given a number of free days to allow them to get involved with work in the community. Working with local and national projects, many take part in a wide range of fundraising – from running marathons to climbing mountains. Our people are Make £5 Grow ambassadors in hundreds of schools, as well as offering their skills by volunteering in the day to day work of local charities and in charity appeal call centres.

For more information email:

Or write to:

Culture & Community Team
Virgin Money
Discovery House
Whiting Road

We are proud to support the Fiver Challenge, and we also have our own Make £5 Grow programme – both of these initiatives in schools are designed to help inspire the entrepreneurs and business minds of the future. Find out more about how we're helping people make the right choices

LifeSavers programme

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Street Events and Fireworks Concert

The LifeSavers programme delivers financial education to primary school children.

More about the LifeSavers programme

It also gives children practical experience of money management through saving small, regular amounts of money in savings clubs administered by credit unions. The programme is a partnership between the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Just Finance Foundation and Young Enterprise, the enterprise and financial education charity. With Virgin Money’s financial support it will help 30,000 children learn more about money.

Find out more

Make £5 grow

Make £5 grow

We are proud of our ‘Make £5 Grow’ schools programme to help teach children about money – encouraging young entrepreneurs up and down the country.