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Ten top tips for a happy Lounge

  1. We’ll always do our best to accommodate members and their guests. But if we all start to feel like sardines, we’ll have to limit numbers and how long you can stay.
  2. The free refreshments are there to enjoy in the lounge – please don’t take them out (even those biscuits you love). You’re welcome to bring in food for your baby, but no other refreshments please.
  3. Guide and assistance dogs are welcome in Virgin Money Lounges. Sadly, we can’t let other pets in. Not even the really really cute ones.
  4. Children are very welcome, but are always the responsibility of the member they come in with – no pretending they’re not with you! Under 16s must be with an adult (even if it cramps their style).
  5. Members can bring personal belongings into the Lounge at their own risk. We’d love to keep an eye on everything for you but we’re not quite that good at multi-tasking.
  6. If you use our iPads and iMacs don’t forget to fully log out of any accounts when you’re done. We don’t want anyone getting a glance at your personal info, even accidentally. And remember, they’re for everyone to use – sharing’s caring.
  7. Please make sure you’re dressed in suitable attire for the Lounge environment. No pyjamas, bikinis or spacesuits.
  8. The Lounge Manager is there to make sure everyone is well looked after and has a lovely Lounge experience. Entrance is at the Manager's discretion. Be sure to give them your best smile.
  9. Virgin Money reserves the right to make changes to the Lounge in the future, including opening hours. We’re also open to suggestions – if you have a great idea, tell us so we can pinch it.
  10. Enjoy your time in the Virgin Money Lounge but please consider others enjoying the space too. It’s nice to be nice – no squabbling over that last digestive.

Thanks for reading. It’s all common sense, but it just helps everyone to enjoy the Virgin Money Lounge.