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For account holders living in Netherlands or Italy

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), one of the financial services regulators in the Netherlands and Banca d’Italia, one of the financial services regulators in the Italy, published separate statements announcing that UK banks wouldn't be able to provide or service current and savings accounts for customers based in either country following the end of the Brexit transition period. This took effect from 30th June 2021. We attempted to contact anyone who was affected by this, advising what the next steps were and how to close your account(s) before we took action.

Where we didn't hear from you by 30th June 2021 we had to close your account(s) and transfer the closing balance to a holding account until we receive further instructions from you.

If your account's been closed but you've not given us your instruction yet, please drop us an email at with your account and contact details and we'll arrange for someone to get in touch.

If you move to the Netherlands or Italy, you must let us know. Due to regulations in the Netherlands and Italy, we are no longer able to provide or service some banking products or services for customers who live in these countries.

You can ask us to close your account(s) when you inform us of your move, otherwise we'll write to you to let you know how you can arrange closure before we take any action.

Don't worry, we will give you plenty of time to make alternative arrangements, but if you don't close your account(s) by the date in the letter we'll have to arrange for the closure and transfer any closing balance to a holding account until we receive further instructions from you.

Yes, for the moment, and it is only due to directions from local regulators that we can no longer support customers in the Netherlands or Italy. No other EU regulators have advised against supporting UK accounts so far, but they might in the future. We have no plans to change the way we service the majority of our customers who are non-UK resident. If you live in the Netherlands or Italy and hold a Savings or Current Account unfortunately we can no longer provide or service your accounts.

If you're no longer living in Netherlands or Italy, and now live in the UK, please update your address details. This will allow you to keep your account open.

Don’t delay, once your account has been closed, it can’t be reopened. However, you can apply for a new account with us provided you are living in the UK and meet our eligibility criteria.

If you update the business and trading address to your UK address the accounts can remain open.

Before closing your account, please change any existing Direct Debit arrangements or other regular payments. This will help ensure any payments are processed by your new current account provider in good time.

If you don't change your Direct Debits or other regular payments before the account is closed, they’ll not be paid. This is especially important if your Direct Debit arrangements or other regular payments are used to pay:

  • essential bills and services such as utilities, insurance policies or regular savings, particularly where there is a risk these services may be cancelled or withdrawn due to non-payment
  • mortgage repayments
  • loan repayments

If you receive regular payments to your account (for example, salary, rental income, dividends or transfers from friends and family), you'll need to contact the senders and provide details of your new account so these payments can continue. Once your current account is closed, any payments received will be returned to the sender.

You will need to find another provider who can offer you an account. Make sure whatever account you choose, you can still manage your finances and make transactions in a way that suits your needs.

If you have an arranged overdraft on your account, you must repay the amount owed in full prior to closing your account. You can do this by transferring money into your current account from another account if you have one. You can also make a Mobile Banking Transfer or international payment from a foreign account into your current account.

If repaying your overdraft is going to cause you any financial difficulties, we may be able to help. Please call us on +44 141 221 7300 7am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sundays.

No, if an account holder lives in The Netherlands or Italy the account will need to be closed.

If the account holder living in the Netherlands or Italy changes their registered address to the UK the account can remain open.

No. There will be no penalties applied for the closure of your Fixed Rate/Notice Savings account.

No. We will not charge any fees associated with withdrawing funds early. However if the funds are not held in an ISA product they will lose their tax efficient benefits.

No. There will be no charge applied for sending an International Funds Transfer in these circumstances. However, depending on the banking provider for your receiving account, you might be charged for receiving the money. Please check with your provider if you have any questions.

If you don't do anything by the deadline quoted in your letter we'll have to close your account for you. When your account closes, you won't be able to use it, any incoming payments will not be accepted and your money will no longer earn any interest. We will keep your money safe until we receive instructions from you. Your letter will explain how you can get your money.

We’re keeping it safe for you and you just need to complete the International Funds Transfer form to tell us where to send it. The letter we’ve sent to you will advise you of everything you need to do.

You can download an International Transfer Request form at Link opens in a new window or Link opens in a new window.

No. We must comply with local legislation in these countries. But you can complain by contacting us.

We have closed your account because the address details linked to your account show you living at an address in the Netherlands or Italy.