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Terms - Complimentary ticket upgrades for the Capital FM Starsuite hospitality lounge at the OVO Hydro, Glasgow

  1. Who can take part?
    • You need to be 18 or older and a resident in the UK.
    • You need to be a Virgin Money Mobile Banking app user. FYI - We also have a credit card app, the offer isn’t available through that app, sorry.
  2. What is the offer?
    • Access to the Capital FM Starsuite hospitality lounge at the OVO Hydro, Glasgow pre and post shows.
    • Use of the Hospitality Entrance at the OVO Hydro.
    • You can only access this offer if you’ve already purchased a ticket for the selected event taking place at the OVO Hydro. Please note that this offer does not include alternative seating for the event.
    • The number of ticket upgrades available for each event will depend on the available capacity within the Capital FM Starsuite at the relevant event performance.
    • Prior to the on-sale date for each event, we will confirm how many ticket upgrades can be offered for the show. This will vary from 20 – 100 upgrades depending on the demand for the show and lounge capacity.
    • The Capital FM Starsuite offers guests a VIP bar experience to soak up the atmosphere before the big show.
    • The Capital FM Starsuite benefits from a new, larger bar and an additional Mixology Bar which serves classic and bespoke cocktails.
    • To access the Capital FM Starsuite you need to follow the OVO Hydro’s house rules. You can find these in the “What else do you need to know?” section below.
  3. When can you purchase/ access the complimentary upgrades?
    • Ticket upgrades will be available as soon as events are activated by Ticketmaster, the OVO Hydro’s ticket provider.
    • Ticket upgrades will come off sale as soon as all the allocated ticket upgrade places have been used up.
    • Tickets are subject to availability, on a first come first served basis.
  4. How do you purchase/ access ticket upgrades?
    • Go to the ‘Exclusive Rewards’ section of the Virgin Money Mobile Banking app.
    • From the app, you will be directed to an “the OVO Hydro” event page where you can proceed through the ticketing upgrade process from the sale opening time until the ticket upgrades have been used up. If the ticket upgrades have already been used up, you’ll see a note that they are unavailable.
    • The maximum number of ticket upgrades that you can secure for each event is four per customer. You’ll need to attend the event, but you can share the additional ticket upgrades with your chosen guests.
    • Anyone you share the ticket upgrade must already have a ticket to the selected event.
    • You can get fast-track entry your event through the Hospitality Guest Entrance. This is located at the main (South) entrance to the OVO Hydro. You (and any guests) will need to display your Booking Confirmation email to get access. You’ll be granted access to the Capital FM Starsuite here too.
    • Access to the Capital FM Starsuite is available from the doors opening time as indicated on the event ticket. It will normally stay open for one hour after the performance.
  5. How much do ticket upgrades cost?
    • Virgin Money customer ticket upgrades to the Capital FM Starsuite are free of charge.
    • Tickets are non-refundable, and specific to the event that you’ve booked. You can transfer additional upgrades to your chosen accompanying guests. Apart from this, the upgrades are non-transferable.
    • Tickets are subject to the OVO Hydro terms and conditions.
  6. How will you receive your ticket?
    • You will receive your ticket via the Ticketmaster app.
    • When you purchase your complimentary ticket upgrade, you’ll be asked to provide an email address for them to be sent to. The email will confirm the confirm the date and time of the event and the number of ticket upgrades that you have been given by us.
    • Your ticket upgrades will be valid in digital form on your device.
  7. What else do you need to know?
    • At the OVO Hydro, the safety and wellbeing of customers, clients and employees is a priority. OVO Hydro have introduced a number of additional safety measures, following current guidance and regulations. To ensure a safe return to events, we all need to play our part. More information about the measures that will apply to events is available at Link opens in a new window. As we’re sure you can appreciate, guidance may change at short notice, so the measures might be updated from time to time.
    • Only Scots law applies to this reward offer.
    • We hope the event will go ahead as planned but, if it’s cancelled by the OVO Hydro or the performer, the upgrade will be cancelled too. The upgrades are free of charge, so there is no refund or alternative reward.
    • As far as the law permits, we won’t be responsible for any losses or damages that you have due to attending the event or taking up the offer. However, if something is our fault, we’ll of course try to put that right. Statutory rights are not affected.
    • We might change or end this offer without advance notice. It’s subject to availability. However, it will definitely end when we don’t have any more gig tickets to offer.
  8. Who are we?
    • We like to call ourselves Virgin Money but our official name is Clydesdale Bank PLC.
    • We’re registered in Scotland at 30 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, G1 2HL.
    • Our company number is SC001111.
  9. Where can I find the OVO House Rules?
    • The OVO House Rules are as follows:
      • The OVO Hydro operates a Challenge 25 policy. Any guest lucky enough to appear under the age of 25 will be asked to provide valid photographic ID to allow the sale of alcohol. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate service of alcohol to any guest at any time.
      • For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all visitors to our venue, guests are expected to maintain appropriate behaviour always. Offensive language or abusive or violent behaviour towards other guests or staff will not be tolerated. Any guest displaying disorderly behaviour may be removed from The Hydro Club lounges or seating area by our security colleagues.
      • Certain performances may prohibit the use of flash photography and / or video recording of parts of the show. Please adhere to any instructions provided by our team.
      • Please respect the performing artist and other arena guests by keeping noise to a minimum at appropriate points during selected performances.
      • Standing in the Club Seats in permitted on a majority rule basis, to protect the sightlines and enjoyment of the show for all guests. If only a few people are standing, our stewards will ask those involved to sit down. Should a significant proportion of the audience stand, and on the basis that guests do not put themselves or others at risk, standing will be permitted. Guests are asked to co-operate with stewards instructions at all times.