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Terms - Virgin Money M Club tickets and General Admission tickets at The O2 arena, London

  1. Who can take part?
    • You need to be older than 18 and a resident in the UK.
    • You need to be a Virgin Money Mobile Banking app user. FYI - We also have a credit card app, the offer isn’t available through that app, sorry.
  2. What is the ticket offer?
    • Access to buy tickets for selected gigs at The O2, London.
    • We’ll make 22 Virgin Money M Club tickets and 20 General Admission tickets available for our customers to purchase for each selected gig.
    • About the Virgin Money M Club tickets:
      • The Age Limit: Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult aged 18.
      • These tickets get you seats with access to a private lounge.
      • The seating is reserved within the Virgin Money M Club exclusive section.
      • You also get a food and drink voucher. The voucher can be used for:
        • 1x main meal from the Virgin Money M Club lounge menu; and
        • 1x beer, wine, single spirit and mixer or soft drink.
      • For all tickets, you’ll have to pay your own travel and any accommodation costs.
      • The O2 also have their own ticket terms and conditions, which will apply to your ticket purchase. You can view them here: Link opens in a new window
  3. When can you purchase tickets?
    • Tickets will be available from the point they go on-sale to the general public. Keep an eye out for our social media posts, as we’ll post reminders about the selected gigs from time to time. You’ll also be able to see the selected gigs in an upcoming events list which you can access through the app.
    • You’ll have access to purchase tickets for 48 hours from public on-sale, or until our tickets have sold out (if earlier).
    • If The O2 reasonably think ticket sales rate through this promotional offer haven’t been keeping up with the general public rate of sale, they can take back some of our unsold tickets before the 48-hour period finishes. This just means that if you’re keen to get tickets, make sure to take up this offer as soon as you can. The tickets would only be taken back if our customers haven’t shown as much interest as the general public have.
    • Tickets are subject to availability, on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. How do you purchase tickets?
    • Go to the ‘Exclusive Rewards’ section of the Virgin Money Mobile Banking app.
    • From the app, you will be directed to “The O2 tickets” event page on the AXS ticket platform. You can proceed through the ticketing purchase process here as long as tickets are available.
    • The maximum number of tickets you can purchase for each event is six per gig, unless otherwise specified.
  5. How much do tickets cost?
    • Ticket prices will vary depending on the gig.
    • Tickets are non-refundable. You’ll need to attend the gig, but you can transfer any additional tickets to your chosen accompanying guests. Apart from this, the tickets are non-transferable.
  6. How will you receive your ticket?
    • When you buy your tickets, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation.
    • Your ticket will be issued in the form of a digital ticket for your mobile device via The O2 app. You can pass tickets onto any accompanying guests via the app.
  7. What else do you need to know?
    • We hope the event will go ahead as planned but, if it’s cancelled by The O2 or the artist, you won’t be left empty handed. Your rights to a refund or tickets to the rescheduled event are set out in The O2’s ticket cancellation rules. You can view them here, at section 12: Link opens in a new window
    • As far as the law permits, we won’t be responsible for any losses or damages that you have due to attending the gig or taking up the offer. However, if something is our fault, we’ll of course try to put that right. Statutory rights are not affected.
    • English law applies to this reward offer.
    • We might change or end this offer without advance notice. It’s subject to availability. However, it will definitely end when we don’t have any more gig tickets to offer.
  8. Who are we?
    • We like to call ourselves Virgin Money but our official name is Clydesdale Bank PLC.
    • We’re registered in Scotland at 30 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, G1 2HL.
    • Our company number is SC001111.