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Letters – December
Letters. The writer of this month's star letter wins £100
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Thank you for your Easy ways to make money article. As a mother of two young children it’ll come in handy!  Of the various different money-making suggestions, I was especially keen on the paid surveys (which I could do from home) and the mystery shopping.
As a Virgin Credit Card customer, I think it’s great that Virgin go the extra mile and, as well as giving great product service, offer customers advice on other financial aspects of their life through fantastic articles like this.

Jenna Mathers

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I’ve never noticed My Virgin Money Magazine before, but when I signed in to check my statement recently I spotted your article on Easy ways to make money. I'm struggling to find spare cash for extra treats since dropping to part-time hours so I was immediately drawn to it.

Often the real advice under headings like that is next to useless, so I was really impressed to see some genuinely good ideas and helpful websites. I know what I’ll be doing with my quiet evenings in now!

Katia King

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As a mother of two, I was delighted to see your article, How to help your child be good with money, as I firmly believe this is a life skill that should be taught at home, and at school.

For families who can visit London, I’d strongly recommend a trip to the Bank of England Museum. It has lots of fun and fascinating money-related exhibits and events for older children. And it’s free!

Di Stafford

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I read your article on How to help your child be good with money and thought there was some great advice. I give my two children pocket money each week and they know that whatever they want to buy has to come out of their allowance. I never get asked ‘Mummy can I have this, Mummy can I have that?’ when we go shopping. If they want anything it does have to come out of their pocket money.

It teaches them the value of money – and a big plus is that I don’t have to keep saying no!

Jennifer Willis

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