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If your travel plans have been affected by the wildfires in Europe, in the first instance you should contact your tour operator, airline or travel provider for any assistance you need in returning home or moving to alternative accommodation.

Am I covered if I decide not to travel?

There is no cover if you decide not to travel. If you are a single trip policy holder and you decide to reschedule your holiday, don’t forget to update your policy to reflect the new dates. This may come an at additional cost.

What if I haven’t bought my travel insurance yet?

Our policies exclude claims if you know the circumstances before buying the policy and know there is a reasonable chance of needing to cut short or cancel your trip.

What if I need medical assistance because of the wildfires?

We will cover medical expenses as per the terms and conditions of your policy unless you are travelling against the advice of the FCDO: Link opens in a new window. Please check your policy wording for full details.

Cancellation or Curtailment (cutting my trip short)

If your trip is a package holiday, then you should contact your holiday provider.

If your holiday has been cancelled, ABTA members will discuss your options with you, which could be the offer of an alternative holiday or a refund for the cost of the package holiday.

If you booked your holiday arrangements separately and your flight has been cancelled, you should be entitled to a refund for your flight from your airline. You will then need to look at the terms and conditions for your other bookings such as accommodation and transport to see whether your provider will refund your costs.

There is no cover under the Cancellation or Curtailment sections of your policy as cover is for the specific reasons listed in your policy wording only.

Your holiday provider is also responsible for arranging alternative accommodation for you if you need to leave your booked accommodation early.