Virgin Unit Trusts - Used up your ISA allowance? Invest more in a unit trust

Virgin Unit Trusts - Used up your ISA allowance? Invest more in a unit trust

Our range of funds offers different levels of risk and potential reward so you can choose the fund(s) that best meet your needs. Generally, the more risk you are prepared to take with your money the greater the potential reward.

Risk and potential reward

Graph to show risk and reward across our fund categories. From left to right; Bonds and Gilts - which includes Virgin Bond and Gilt Fund. Mixed Funds - which includes Virgin Bond, Gilt and UK Share Fund and, Virgin Bond, Gilt, UK and Overseas Share Fund. Share-only Funds - which includes Virgin UK FTSE All-Share Fund, Virgin Global Share Fund, and Virgin Climate Change Fund.

The above chart is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be an accurate representation of the actual risk rating or potential reward of our funds. To find out more about our funds, how the product works and the potential risks involved please read the Key Investor Information.

Remember, the value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. You should also remember that past performance is not a reliable guide to the future.

Chart key:

When you invest, your money is used to buy things known as 'assets'. There are many different types of assets, but our funds are made up of some of the most common ones:

Corporate bonds and government gilts

  • Bonds and gilts are basically IOUs issued by the UK Government and organisations looking to raise finance from investors. In return, they pay the holder a rate of interest.
  • Although bonds and gilts can fall in value, historically they have been less likely to go through the dramatic ups and downs of the stock market.
  • Typically they give better returns than a bank or building society deposit account.

UK shares

  • These are shares issued by UK companies.
  • Our funds invest in every one of the 600+ companies that make up the UK FTSE All-Share Index, spreading your risk and giving you the benefit of the long-term potential of overall stock market growth.
  • Typically they provide higher rewards but with a higher level of risk than cash, bonds and gilts.

Overseas shares

  • These are shares issued by companies in developed overseas stock markets such as the US and those across Europe.
  • Investing in overseas shares spreads your risk and gives you the benefit of the potential of stock markets around the world.
  • Typically overseas shares provide higher rewards but with a higher level of risk than bonds and gilts.

Emerging market shares

  • These are shares issued by companies in emerging countries such as China and Brazil.
  • You could benefit from geographic diversity.
  • Typically emerging markets shares provide higher rewards than bonds, gilts, shares issued by established UK companies and companies in developed countries overseas – but with a higher level of risk.

Virgin Climate Change Fund shares

  • Selected by the Fund Manager, these are mainly shares of European companies that aim to grow their capital while at the same time being environmentally aware.
  • You could benefit from growing your investment by potentially more than the stock market whilst investing in a range of mainly European companies that are delivering improved environmental performance.
  • Typically, this provides higher rewards but carries a higher level of risk than other investments such as bonds and gilts.