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Brits reveal top honeymoon ingredients

- 24/10/2013

Brits have revealed the ingredients needed for a successful honeymoon, with the perfect break including four candle-lit meals, a seven-hour flight, and a trip to a five-star hotel.

Holidaymakers enjoying busy October

- 24/10/2013

Many Britons have decided to delay their traditional summer holidays until this month, in light of the warm weather the UK has enjoyed in recent weeks.

Languages plea for British travellers

- 09/10/2013

In order to successfully get by during their time spent on holidays and business trips overseas, Brits should be made to learn at least 1,000 words of another language, it has been claimed.

UK to gain largest-ever cruise liner

- 09/10/2013

Holidaymakers will soon be given the chance to take advantage of new cruise options, after P&O announced plans to build the largest liner ever to be exclusively developed for the UK market.

Travellers told of adventure holiday hotspots

- 27/09/2013

A new Lonely Planet guide has highlighted some of the world’s hotspots for adventurous holidaymakers

Far East 'cheapest region' for backpackers

- 27/09/2013

British backpackers should head to the Far East if they are after cost-effective travel options, new research suggests.

New flight option for China thrill-seekers

- 20/09/2013

Adventurous holidaymakers heading to China could add a twist of excitement to their journeys by taking advantage of the world’s highest civilian airport, which has been formally opened.

Plan to end EU roaming charges

- 20/09/2013

Mobile phone roaming charges across Europe could soon be scrapped in a bid to reform the telecoms market.

New York dubbed ‘world’s favourite city’

- 11/09/2013

New York has been named as people’s favourite city in a global poll of travellers.

Travellers reveal holiday reading tastes

- 11/09/2013

A survey of travel trends has revealed that holidaymakers continue to favour books over e-readers when venturing abroad.

Study reveals family-friendly destinations

- 04/09/2013

Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris and Dubrovnik have come out on top in a list of the European destinations with the most family-friendly holiday rental accommodation.

Brits urged to comply with quirky foreign laws

- 04/09/2013

British holidaymakers could end up in trouble with foreign law-enforcers simply by feeding pigeons or wearing beach clothing in the wrong place, Government officials have warned.

Heathrow’s T5 ‘among top airport performers’

- 29/08/2013

Newcastle International, Birmingham’s Terminal 1 and Heathrow’s Terminal 5 (T5) have been named as the top three airport hubs in a new survey of passengers.

Brits reveal holiday food habits

- 29/08/2013

Despite the new taste experiences offered by foreign holidays, research shows that many Brits are not tempted by overseas food

Travellers reveal language concerns

- 21/08/2013

The trend for Brits to struggle with foreign languages during their summer breaks continues to pose problems, according to new research.

Passenger boost for Gatwick Airport

- 21/08/2013

Gatwick Airport welcomed a rise in its passenger volumes during July, as the summer holiday season got into full swing.

Eyecare advice issued to travellers

- 16/08/2013

Brits heading abroad for their summer holidays are being advised to swap contact lenses for glasses, or to take spare lenses.

Jump in air traffic across UK

- 16/08/2013

It was a busy month for UK air traffic controllers in July, with a considerable rise in flight numbers nationwide.

Kent airport unveils plans to expand

- 07/08/2013

Around a fifth of British air passengers choose to ignore in-flight mobile phone rules, new research indicates.

Travellers warned of mobile phone risks

- 07/08/2013

Around a fifth of British air passengers choose to ignore in-flight mobile phone rules, new research indicates.

Travel insurance ‘a must’ for summer breaks

- 31/07/2013

The importance of insurance to British holidaymakers has been highlighted by travel association ABTA, which highlighted the peace of mind it can offer.

Holidaymakers ‘failing to switch off’

- 31/07/2013

Despite their plans to get away for a relaxed summer break, it seems many Brits are failing to switch off from the world of work.

More Brits plan summer holidays

- 24/07/2013

This summer is likely to see a rise in the number of people taking summer holidays, according to new research.

Brits ‘must not ignore travel warnings’

- 24/07/2013

In a bid to stay safe and avoid stress during their summer breaks, Britons have been reminded about the importance of travel warnings issued by the Government.

Passenger boost for Gatwick Airport

- 17/07/2013

Gatwick Airport welcomed more passengers through its doors last month, with the West Sussex travel hub attracting more than 3.44 million people in June.

Leisure flights ‘vital to economy’

- 17/07/2013

The economic importance of those who fly for leisure purposes rather than on business has been highlighted in a new report.

Travellers face lower EU mobile charges

- 10/07/2013

Brits heading on holidays to other countries within the European Union this summer will be able to take advantage of lower mobile phone charges.

Managers urged to take summer breaks

- 10/07/2013

Managers have been urged to get away from the pressures of work by taking a summer holiday.

Stansted revamp 'to benefit travellers'

- 05/07/2013

Travellers jetting off on their holidays from Stansted Airport in the future are to benefit from an £80 million terminal revamp.

Adults holidaying with mums and dads

- 05/07/2013

More than 1.2 million UK adults will be jetting off with their parents this summer because they cannot afford to pay for their own holidays.

Travellers warned over ticket charges

- 05/07/2013

Three-figure sums are still being charged by some airlines to make corrections to names on tickets, research suggests.

Youngsters 'miss home' while on holiday

- 05/07/2013

Around one in five young Brits who go abroad for their summer holidays look forward to going home almost as soon as they get off the plane.

British travellers 'hoard foreign currency'

- 21/08/2012

A new study has discovered that as much as £1.6bn in leftover holiday money is lying around in British homes.

Millions 'risk holidays without insurance'

- 21/08/2012

Millions of British holidaymakers will be uninsured when they set off on their summer getaways this year, a survey has found.

Pound rises in value across eurozone

- 16/05/2012

While many British tourists are choosing to holiday at home due to the current financial climate, those who do decide to travel abroad to Europe are enjoying the highest pound value against the euro since the autumn of 2008.

Top passenger numbers at Heathrow

- 18/04/2012

A record 70 million passengers went through Heathrow Airport's terminals in the 12-month period to March, it has been announced.

Cutting APD 'would help economy'

- 21/03/2012

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has said the UK economy would benefit hugely if Air Passenger Duty (APD) was abolished.

Many 'unaware of emergency EU number'

- 21/03/2012

British tourists could be putting themselves at risk when travelling around Europe as a large majority do not know what the continent's tourist emergency number is.

Multi-destination holidays 'on the rise'

- 23/02/2012

Whether it's mix and match deals in the supermarket or pick 'n' mix at the cinema, us Brits love variety.

Fun in the sun 'costs less in Spain'

- 23/02/2012

Britons seeking a break on a budget should visit Spain, Prague or Bulgaria, a survey has revealed.

Banks scrap holiday cash withdrawal fees

- 21/12/2011

Five UK banks have agreed to waive their withdrawal fees for people who purchase foreign currency with a debit card.

UK tourists failing to get vaccinated

- 06/12/2011

A survey has found that a significant proportion of holidaymakers are travelling abroad without having had the appropriate inoculation.

Virgin salt and pepper sets pinched

- 07/10/2011

You would not usually expect first class air passengers to steal small items, but Virgin Atlantic has said it is discontinuing its aeroplane-shaped salt and pepper sets as so many of them get pinched.

20% of Brits 'lack travel insurance'

- 06/10/2011

One fifth of UK tourists go off on their foreign holidays without having purchased travel insurance, a study suggests. And over 25% of those surveyed mistakenly think the Government in the UK will bail them out if something goes wrong.

Friends 'compete over holidays'

- 08/09/2011

Conducted by travel agent, the poll discovered that 40% of people become affected by "holiday rivalry". While some people may be making decisions such as what travel insurance cover to get or whether their holiday wardrobe needs updating, others are putting their energy into booking a trip that they think will be better than one their friend has been on.

Tourists 'lack geography skills'

- 24/08/2011

It seems many tourists need to brush up on their geography skills after a survey found more than half could not point out their last holiday spot on a map.

Airline to screen 'weep warnings'

- 24/08/2011

Air passengers travelling with Virgin Atlantic will be warned if a film shown during the flight contains emotional scenes. Tearjerker films such as Water With Elephants and Just Go With It will have "weep warnings" shown at the beginning of them, advising passengers that the movie could make them cry.

59% 'clean their own hotel rooms'

- 16/08/2011

More than half (59%) of British tourists admit they have tidied their hotel rooms before the cleaners arrive, a poll has revealed.

Long-haul flights subsidise short-haul

- 20/07/2011

Air passengers might be even more motivated to find a good deal on travel insurance after it was revealed long-haul air passengers subsidise short-haul travel by £222 million annually through the Air Passenger Duty (APD) airport departure tax.

FCO warns over travel insurance

- 10/06/2011

Officials have urged Britons to take out full travel insurance before heading off to visit friends and family overseas.

Britons warned on overseas stag dos

- 16/05/2011

Britons planning to go on stag or hen parties abroad have been advised to tone down their behaviour as well as take out comprehensive travel insurance, after the Foreign Office (FO) revealed some of the awkward situations revellers had found themselves in.

Bizarre stories of lost passports

- 16/05/2011

When going abroad, there are a number of important things to consider, like packing the right sort of clothes, having up-to-date travel insurance and getting to the airport on time.

Pills warning as malaria cases rise

- 16/05/2011

Travellers planning to go on a trip abroad are being urged to take anti-malaria precautions and medication to remain safe.

Tourists cutting back on costs

- 18/04/2011

The number of couples going away on a holiday unaccompanied by anybody else has dropped, a new poll has shown.

Lone couples holiday numbers drop

- 18/04/2011

The number of couples going away on a holiday unaccompanied by anybody else has dropped, a new poll has shown.

Travel sites urged to give malaria warning

- 25/02/2011

Medical experts are urging travel websites to issue clear warnings to people who book last minute trips to countries with a high risk of malaria.

3.8% rise in BAA UK passengers

- 16/02/2011

A strong performance at Heathrow helped airport operator BAA enjoy a 3.8% rise in passenger numbers at its UK bases last month compared with January 2010, the company has said.

Thomas Cook stops Tunisia flights

- 14/01/2011

Mass protests and rioting in Tunisia have led travel firm Thomas Cook to suspend flights there and arrange a plane home for 1,800 UK holidaymakers

Less planning UK 'staycations'

- 30/11/2010

More Britons could take out travel insurance policies next year as fewer people plan to spend their holidays in the UK, research has shown.

Space tourism moves one step closer

- 12/10/2010

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo has taken another step towards flying passengers and seeing travel insurance companies offer space tourism alongside winter sports cover on their websites.

Overseas property searches fall

- 29/09/2010

The recession had a big impact on interest in overseas property, a report from Moneycorp and Rightmove has found.

South Australia targets British workers

- 27/09/2010

Brits fed up with the UK’s long working hours should consider heading to Australia, the South Australian government has suggested.

Survey reveals ideal holiday for Brits

- 17/09/2010

New research from online travel agent has uncovered the ingredients of a dream holiday, TravelMole has reported.

Biggest holiday spenders revealed

- 17/09/2010

The Northern Irish are the biggest holiday spenders in the UK, has reported.

Spanish hotels are worst - survey

- 17/09/2010

Spain may be on top of the world when it comes to football, but the nation's hotels have been shown the red card by UK holidaymakers.

Holidaymakers lose up to 4 days holiday with illness

- 14/09/2010

Holidaymakers struck down with illness end up losing more than £300 worth of their break, according to a survey.

US to charge £9 for permission to enter country

- 08/09/2010

Anyone from the UK wishing to travel to the US will be charged £9 just to apply for permission to enter the country.

'60,000 UK passports lost abroad'

- 23/08/2010

The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) has warned travellers of the dangers of passport theft.

Britons name world's best beaches

- 19/08/2010

Two of the world's most famous beach destinations have come last in a list of the top-20 sand-and-sun getaways picked by British holidaymakers.

Holidaymakers 'prepared for travel problems'

- 04/08/2010

A new survey has shown that people are taking more precautions to protect themselves against travel problems this holiday season.

Tourists warned on feeding elephants

- 04/08/2010

Authorities in the capital of Thailand have issued an ordinance in a bid to prevent damages caused by elephants in the city.

Holidaymakers profit from weak euro

- 03/08/2010

There has been a 70% increase in holidaymakers taking advantage of the weakening euro by sorting out their vacation expenses in euros before they even depart for their destination, a foreign exchange firm has said.

Boom predicted for UK tourism

- 29/07/2010

The UK tourism industry is set to boom over the next decade, Travel Weekly has reported.

Brits warned over timeshare scams

- 22/07/2010

British holidaymakers have been advised to be wary of timeshare salesmen promising fractional ownership of properties and resorts, The Guardian has reported.

Tourism staying strong in Scotland

- 21/07/2010

Despite a tough economic climate, Scotland’s tourism industry is continuing to thrive thanks to the number of British holidaymakers taking domestic breaks, has reported.

UK sports tourism thriving

- 21/07/2010

Sporting events have provided a welcome boost to Britain’s tourism industry, Travel Weekly has reported.

Holidaymakers warned over online fraud

- 16/07/2010

Holidaymakers looking to escape to the sun by booking a bargain dream holiday online have been warned to take care it doesn't turn into a nightmare.

International tourists flocking to UK cities

- 16/07/2010

New research from VisitBritain has found that UK cities are continuing to be popular with international tourists, The Guardian has reported.

Lost luggage tables scrapped

- 16/07/2010

Tables revealing the airlines with the worst punctuality and lost luggage records will no longer be published by the Association of European Airlines, The Telegraph has reported.

Seaside tourism still growing

- 14/07/2010

Britain’s seaside tourism industry is thriving, a report by Sheffield Hallam University has revealed.

Women worried by men's wandering eyes

- 12/07/2010

While travel insurance will protect you from most mishaps suffered while on holiday, the fury of women (or men) scorned may be a step too far.

Passenger rights highlighted

- 07/07/2010

A campaign has been launched by the European Commission to raise awareness of passengers' rights, The Independent has reported.

Britons 'plan ahead for holidays'

- 05/07/2010

A new study has found that Britons plan ahead for holidays, booking trips three months in advance.

New York targets tourists

- 02/07/2010

A new tourism campaign is set to draw more international visitors to New York City, TravelMole has reported.

Babies top annoying plane list

- 30/06/2010

Almost a quarter of air passengers identified crying babies as their biggest annoyance in a new poll.

Britons 'willing to forgo luxuries for holiday'

- 29/06/2010

A poll has shown that 80% of Britons are willing to forgo their monthly spend on luxuries in order to go on holiday, with women keener to make sacrifices than men.

Holidaymakers' gadget reliance revealed

- 29/06/2010

While travel insurance is a must for many holidaymakers, having the latest gadgets with them often comes close in their list of priorities, according to a study.

Brits rate 'staycations'

- 29/06/2010

The vast majority of Britons who took a domestic break last year would be happy to do so again, research by mystery shopping and business intelligence company Retail Active has discovered.

Portugal becoming hot property

- 23/06/2010

Prospective overseas property buyers are showing a greater interest in Portugal, has reported.

Holidays provide long term benefits

- 23/06/2010

Spending money on a holiday is likely to result in greater long term happiness than buying a car, The Telegraph has reported.

UK travellers back full body scanners

- 21/06/2010

The vast majority of UK travellers support the use of full body scanners at airports, has reported.

Savoy reopening delayed

- 21/06/2010

Those hoping to indulge in a luxury break at London’s Savoy Hotel will have a wait on their hands, The Times has reported.

Long haul destinations popular

- 18/06/2010

British holidaymakers are continuing to head further afield and opt for destinations outside the eurozone, The Telegraph has reported.

Top attractions in England honoured

- 18/06/2010

The best of England’s tourist attractions have been recognised by the Enjoy England Awards for Excellence 2010, TravelMole has reported.

Luxury holidays in demand

- 16/06/2010

All-inclusive holidays at luxury resorts are becoming more popular, one holiday company has suggested.

Beach litter decreasing

- 16/06/2010

The amount of litter on Britain’s beaches is falling, a survey by the Marine Conservation Society has found.

Harry Potter park taking shape in Florida

- 16/06/2010

Fans of the Harry Potter books and films will soon be able to delve deeper into the world of the young wizard as Universal’s new theme park is set to open in Florida on June 18th.

Duty free not always cheap

- 14/06/2010

Holidaymakers hoping to pick up duty-free bargains at the airport may be better off buying certain items from their local supermarket, research from has found.

Rainforest recreated in London

- 11/06/2010

Those harbouring an ambition to visit the South American rainforest but lacking the funds to do so could be in luck, The Guardian has reported.

Posh pilots preferred

- 11/06/2010

Air passengers find a pilot who speaks with an upper class accent to be more reassuring than one who speaks with a regional accent, The Daily Mail has reported.

The UK's most holiday-friendly town

- 25/05/2010

Lots of people are going away to various towns in England instead of abroad this year, due to the ongoing recession. But which towns in the UK are the best for tourists?

Sizzling summer predicted

- 05/05/2010

Following a summer of showers last year, high temperatures and sunshine are expected in the UK in 2010, The Daily Mail has reported.

More Brits taking cruises

- 04/05/2010

British cruise passenger numbers are expected to rise as high as 1.75 million in 2011, TravelMole has reported.

UK theme parks thriving

- 21/04/2010

British holidaymakers are opting to stay a little closer to home and visit one of the UK’s many theme parks, has reported.

Accessible attractions rewarded

- 21/04/2010

Britain’s most accessible tourist sites have been recognised at the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain Awards, The Telegraph has reported.

Passengers returning to the skies

- 05/04/2010

A strong recovery for the airline industry has been predicted for 2010, The Independent has reported.

Popular York street named Britain's most picturesque

- 31/03/2010

A narrow, cobbled street in York has been named as the most picturesque in Britain, The Guardian has reported.

Films inspire holiday choices

- 29/03/2010

Many Brits are influenced by films when it comes to selecting a holiday destination, has reported.

US entry fee looking likely

- 26/03/2010

A new tourism tax for foreign holidaymakers travelling to America could be put in place by the end of the year, The Daily Mail has reported.

Survey reveals ideal holiday companion

- 24/03/2010

New research has revealed the person 18-30 year olds would most like to accompany them on a beach holiday, The Daily Mail has reported.

Hire car shortages likely

- 22/03/2010

Those looking to hire a car whilst on holiday in Europe are being urged to book well in advance, The Telegraph has reported.

Big decisions made while on holiday

- 17/03/2010

Many Brits put their time away to good use by using it to make important decisions about their life, new research has found.

More city centre hotels for Travelodge

- 15/03/2010

Ten new sites have been announced by budget hotel chain Travelodge following a year of continued expansion

South Korean airport best in the world

- 12/03/2010

Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea, has been named as the best airport in the world by the Airports Council International, The Daily Mail has reported.

Brits label Spain 'not foreign enough'

- 11/03/2010

Many British holidaymakers are finding Spain to be too reminiscent of home, The Times has reported.

Holiday camps proving popular

- 10/03/2010

Overseas beach resorts are being shunned in favour of the great British holiday camp, The Telegraph has reported.

Visitors returning to the Caribbean

- 08/03/2010

2010 is predicted to be a strong year for tourism in the Caribbean, TravelMole has reported.

Overseas travel common amongst young Brits

- 05/03/2010

British children are as likely to have visited Paris as they are London, a survey by has found.

Not too late to visit Winter Olympics

- 22/02/2010

Winter sports fans considering a spur of the moment trip to Vancouver for the Winter Olympics may be in luck as the city is well equipped to handle a last minute rush, The Independent has reported.

New hotel rating system for Jordan

- 18/02/2010

An improved hotel classification system has been introduced in Jordan, The Independent has reported.

Holiday bookings rise as temperatures drop

- 12/02/2010

The cold weather has resulted in more people booking foreign holidays from the warmth of their own homes, TravelMole has reported.

Copenhagen offers green hotel

- 11/02/2010

A hotel used to host delegates during the Copenhagen COP15 climate conference is one of the greenest in the world, The Independent has reported.

Disney film to boost Oxford tourism

- 10/02/2010

The release of Walt Disney film 'Alice in Wonderland' is expected to spark an increase in the number of visitors to the city of Oxford.

End of recession makes holidays more likely

- 03/02/2010

British travellers are more likely to take a holiday now that the country's worst recession for decades is coming to an end, a new survey has revealed.

Budget travellers leave smaller carbon footprint

- 28/01/2010

Air passengers wishing to reduce their carbon footprint should opt for a ‘no-frills’ airline when flying.

Spain 'cheaper than Turkey'

- 27/01/2010

Despite emerging during the recession as a great value non-eurozone destination, new research has found Turkey to be more expensive for visiting holidaymakers than Spain.

Brits struggle to spell holiday destination

- 21/01/2010

A survey by a budget accommodation firm has revealed the difficulty Britons have in spelling their holiday destination correctly.

World's best hotels revealed

- 18/01/2010

2009's top 20 hotels based on 165,000 independent reviews have been unveiled, TravelMole has reported.

UK colder than European ski resorts

- 15/01/2010

Winter sports enthusiasts may not have to look any further than the UK in order to indulge their passion.

Scottish town named a 'top destination'

- 13/01/2010

A small Scottish coastal town has been named as one of the 'top five world destinations' by travel website Tripadvisor.

World's top landmarks revealed

- 11/01/2010

A survey of 10,000 world travellers has uncovered the most popular landmarks across the globe.

Summer holiday demand still strong

- 17/12/2009

The effects of the recession are being shrugged off by holidaymakers determined to keep their summer break, it has been reported.

Virgin Travel Insurance investigates the cost of holidays

- 23/11/2009

Virgin Travel Insurance have done a bit of research and discovered that the most expensive European city to visit is the Czech capital, Prague.

The UK's most holiday-friendly town

- 23/11/2009

Looking for a holiday in the UK? Lots of people are going away to various towns in England instead of abroad this year, due to the ongoing recession.