Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

Questions and answers

Getting started

How do I apply?

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If you can’t meet any of the eligibility criteria below you'll need to call us on 0800 917 5398 for your quote as we'll need a few more details before we can go ahead:

Eligibility Criteria

For a Buildings and / or contents quotation your home MUST:

  • Be occupied solely by you and your family members and be within the boundaries of the United Kingdom.
  • Be your permanent residence, i.e. it is not used as a weekend, weekday or holiday home.
  • Not be left unoccupied for more than 60 Consecutive days a year.
  • Be in a good state of repair and will always be maintained as such.
  • Be of standard construction, i.e. built of brick, stone or concrete, the roof must be constructed of slate or tile and have no building work in progress.
  • Be situated more than ¼ mile from the nearest river, watercourse, sea, lake, reservoir, cliff, quarry or other excavation.
  • Be in an area free from flooding and never suffered from flooding.
  • Be free from signs of subsidence, heave or landslip, neighbouring subsidence or past or present subsidence.
  • Be used for residential purposes and not used in any part for business trade or profession, other than occasional clerical work, and no client and/or customer visits.

For a Buildings quotation your home MUST NOT be:

  • A 'listed' building.
  • Rented, let or sub-let by or to you.

You or any person residing with you:

  • Must have no unspent convictions for, or prosecutions pending for, any criminal offence (other than a driving offence).
  • Must not have ever been declared bankrupt.
  • Must not have ever had insurance refused, cancelled nor had special terms imposed.

How much should I insure my home for?

For buildings insurance, you need enough cover to rebuild your home and any outbuildings from scratch - usually different from the amount you paid for it.

For contents insurance, you need enough cover to replace all of your things if you lost everything – think about how many CDs you own, or how many pairs of shoes, and work out how much it would cost to replace them.

Now add on your TV, DVD player, sofa, bed, wardrobes, microwave and so on. Don't forget the contents of your garage, shed and cupboards too. It all adds up to more than you’d expect.

What we cover

Do I really need buildings and contents cover?

Most house owners need buildings and contents cover, but there are exceptions:

If you own a flat, check if there’s already buildings cover in place as part of your ground rent. If there is, find out what it covers as you might want to have your own policy as well. If there isn't, you may require buildings insurance. You may need your own contents insurance.

If you rent, your landlord or landlady are responsible for the buildings insurance. It's usually up to you to take out your own contents cover.

Please note, we can only cover you if all the furniture is yours. If you and your landlord own half the furniture each, we have no way of knowing which items were covered by us and which were not included on the policy.

Can I take out buildings insurance on its own?

Of course, but if you're getting separate quotes for buildings and contents cover remember it's usually cheaper to get them both together.

Can I insure a second home?

We may be able to insure your second home. Just call us on 0800 917 5398 for a quote.

Are there any particular belongings you need to know about?

Yes – if you own valuables like watches, jewellery or collections worth more than £2,500 each we'll need to know about them. If this applies to you, please specify these in the online application form.

Is my bike covered?

Your bike is covered as part of your contents insurance while it’s stored in your house, garage or shed. But you’ll want to make sure you’ve got cover for when you’re out and about on it.

You can add cover for personal possessions away from home when you fill in your details online. If your bike is valued at more than £500, you will need to specify it in the ‘Your Cover’ section of the online quote.

Is my PC covered?

Your PC is covered under your contents cover while it’s in the house. If you’ve got a laptop, you can insure it as an item away from the home also.

If it’s worth more than £2,500, please call us on on 0800 917 5398 for a quote.

What does buildings insurance cover?

Building insurance covers things like your:

  • Roof.
  • Walls.
  • Windows and doors.
  • Drains, tanks and pipes.
  • Garage and any outbuildings (must be part of the property).

As well as the permanent fixtures in your home, like:

  • Kitchen units.
  • Fitted wardrobes.
  • Bathroom suites.

They’re all covered on a new-for-old basis for loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes, smoke, riots, theft, subsidence, storms and floods.

Plus, if your home is damaged by something covered by your policy, we'll also pay for things like accommodation for you and your family while your home is repaired.

You’ll find more information in the policy document.

What does contents insurance cover?

Generally, the items you'll take with you if you move:

  • Sofas.
  • Curtains.
  • Beds.
  • Rugs.
  • And any personal money in your house, up to £500.

All of these are covered for loss or damage from fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes, smoke, riots, theft, subsidence, storms and floods.

Plus we cover some extras:

  • Accidental damage for home entertainment goods like your TV and computer. Cover is limited to items detailed in the policy cover.
  • Cover for your freezer contents, up to £1,000.
  • Replacement external locks if your keys are stolen, up to £500.
  • Cover for your business equipment, up to £5,000.
  • Cover for the things in your garden, up to £1,000 (excluding bedded plants, trees, shrubs and grass).
  • Extra cover for wedding gifts if you or someone in your family gets married (for a period of 4 weeks before and after the big day).
  • And we’ll even give you 10% extra cover at Christmas.
  • It’s all covered on a new-for-old basis except bicycles, clothes and linen, like towels and bedding.

You’ll find more information in the policy document.

Will you insure my home if it's not built of brick or if it hasn't got a tile roof?

If your home isn’t built of brick, stone or concrete or if it hasn't got a slate or tile roof, it’s likely we can cover you but you’ll need to give us a call with more details to be certain.

Just give us a call on 0800 917 5398 for a quote.

What does New for Old mean?

New for Old means that your insurer will replace the item you're claiming for with a brand new one of an equivalent specification. This applies to all contents claims apart from when you're claiming for clothing or household linen where we make a deduction for wear and tear.

Can I pay by monthly installments?

This option may be offered when you get a quote. An additional charge (APR) is also applicable for paying by monthly installments and this will be shown on the quote. If you choose to pay your premium by monthly installments then this facility is provided by Premium Credit Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. To use the facility you must be resident in the UK, aged 18 years or over and hold a bank or building society current account which can support Direct Debit payments. Credit is subject to status and BDML may receive a commission for introducing customers to Premium Credit Limited.
Optional extras

What is Family Legal Protection?

Our Family Legal Protection will pay your, or a family member’s, legal costs up to £50,000. For example if you need to claim after an accident, or you’re involved in a property, contract or employment dispute.

You can claim as many times as you need to, and you can even claim back part of your salary if you’re required to attend jury service.

Our Family Legal Protection is provided by Ultimate Insurance Solutions.

Key Facts

What is Key and Lock Cover?

If you lose your house keys, or have them stolen, we'll replace the locks and keys up to a limit of £500 as standard with our contents insurance. However if you also lose the keys to your car, office or caravan then these wouldn't be covered automatically.

That's when our Key Cover optional extra comes in handy. It covers the cost of getting any new keys and locks fitted up to £1,500.

Our Key and Lock Cover is provided by Boomerang-Tag Limited.

  • Up to £1,500 for new keys and locks, and locksmith charges.
  • £10 reward if someone finds your keys.
  • Simply attach the ‘boomerang’ to your keys and then any key on the fob is covered –so you can claim for your car, caravan or office keys too. This includes up to 3 days car hire or onward travel costs up to £75 if you’re stranded or can’t use your car because of lost, stolen or damaged keys.

Key Facts

What is Home Emergency Assistance?

If there’s an emergency at home, we’ll help you get hold of a professional to fix the problem as soon as possible and pay up to £500 towards call-out costs, labour, parts and materials.

Our Home Emergency Assistance is provided by Direct Group Limited.

Home Emergency Assistance means you can get any incidents at home sorted quickly and smoothly, minimising the damage and disruption.

Here are some instances where you may need to claim:

  • An incident damages the building, making your home unsafe.
  • You’re left without water, gas or electricity.
  • Your plumbing system, toilet or drainage is damaged.
  • Your heating isn’t working.
  • Your home burglar alarm or CCTV is damaged.

Key Facts

Making a claim

How do I make a claim?

Please call us as soon as possible if you need to make a claim, on 0844 335 6137.

We'll start working on your claim right away and we'll make sure we keep you up-to-date throughout.

Renewing or cancelling your policy

How do I renew my policy?

If you’re paying monthly we’ll write to you shortly before your renewal date to confirm your premium. If you’re happy to continue you don’t need to do anything. If you no longer want the cover you’ll need to ring us to cancel.

If you paid for your policy annually we'll write to you shortly before your renewal date to confirm details of your insurance.

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