Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

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Homeowners feel safer with trustworthy neighbours

- 23/05/2012

It would appear 'love thy neighbour' remains a sage piece of advice...

New flood defences given green light

- 28/03/2012

Schemes that could protect 25,000 homes from flooding have been given the go-ahead.

'Costly insurance errors' hit Brits

- 07/03/2012

A new survey has revealed that nearly two-fifths of Britons have suffered a "costly mistake" regarding their insurance cover.

Claims made for drunken damage

- 07/03/2012

When drunken Brits have damaged their homes after a heavy night out, costs have averaged £461.47 in repairs, a new poll suggests.

Flooding 'could cost UK billions'

- 23/02/2012

A climate change study has concluded that flooding could eventually cost the UK billions of pounds each year.

Robberies rise despite crime decrease

- 23/02/2012

The number of robberies failed to fall last year, even though the overall number of crimes recorded by police dropped by 4% to 4.1 million.

Half of people 'planning DIY this year'

- 25/01/2012

Doing DIY jobs around the house is top of the new year's resolution list for 56% of people, a poll shows.

Preparations for freak weather needed

- 28/11/2011

We "need to be worried" about the extreme weather that will result from global warming, leading climate change scientists have warned.

People 'must get builder agreements'

- 16/08/2011

Formal agreements should be made between builders and homeowners in case of future disputes over work, Which? has warned.

Row 'forces one in 20 to move'

- 16/08/2011

A row has forced more than one in 20 people to move home, a survey has found. The upkeep of homes or gardens was found to be top of the list for causing a rift between neighbours, the poll by life assistance firm CPP found.

Burglaries up 14% in England and Wales

- 20/07/2011

Burglaries rose 14% in England and Wales last year, putting the public at an increased risk, police chiefs have warned. The increase was revealed in the British Crime Survey, which is based on interviews with tens of thousands of people in over 45,000 homes across the country.

Building warning over flood risks

- 14/07/2011

Climate experts have warned that more houses are being built in areas at risk of flooding. The Committee on Climate Change group also claimed that urban sites were still being paved over despite their flood risk increasing.

Potential housebuyers 'delay purchases'

- 12/07/2011

The UK housing market continues to slow as potential housebuyers elect to bide their time before making a move on the property ladder, research shows.

Homeowners choose to 'improve rather than move'

- 11/07/2011

The slow mortgage market has led to more homeowners deciding to focus on improving their current property rather than moving house, research has shown.

500,000 fridges pose fire risk

- 06/07/2011

Homeowners and businesses have been warned of the potential fire risks posed by up to 500,000 fridge freezers across the country, it has been revealed.

Device helps reduce water leaks

- 29/06/2011

Around 10 million litres of water is being saved a day thanks to a water firm's innovative gadget that can detect leaks.

Garages 'not used to park cars'

- 21/06/2011

More than half of car owners do not keep their car in their garage, a survey has revealed. Some 55% of car owners said they used their garage to store something other than their vehicle.

Firefighters battle heathland blaze

- 10/06/2011

Almost 200 firefighters have succeeded in stopping a heathland fire reaching homes in the South West.

Flood response exercise to be held

- 08/03/2011

The largest civil defence exercise ever in Britain will be carried out in England and Wales in the next week to make sure home insurance claims are the only price people pay in the event of devastating floods similar to those seen in 2007.

Flood risk up due to pollution

- 25/02/2011

Pollution has made flooding more likely in the UK, according to research.

Pollution 'linked to 2000 floods'

- 25/02/2011

Climate change caused by pollution from greenhouse gas has raised the likelihood of more floods in the UK, scientists have said.

Police maps reveal crime details

- 01/02/2011

People in England and Wales will be able to find out about the less savoury side to their area thanks to a new street-by-street guide to crime, according to Home Secretary Theresa May.

Home insurance fraud 'acceptable'

- 24/01/2011

One in 10 Britons believe lying on their home insurance claim to upgrade their mobile phones or other devices is acceptable, a survey suggests.

Residents offered flood defence packs

- 06/01/2011

Homeowners in Leicestershire are being offered a specially designed sand-less door sealing device to safeguard their property during a flood and prevent their home insurance premiums from soaring.

False insurance claims uncovered

- 03/01/2011

More than 300 cases of insurance fraud are being uncovered each day, according to new research.

House prices fall in September

- 14/10/2010

A large rise in the number of homeowners putting properties on the market saw house prices fall for the third consecutive month in September, a study has revealed.

Mortgage levels fall to six-month low

- 04/10/2010

The housing market has been dealt another blow as figures show that the number of mortgages approved fell to a six-month low in August.

Average property prices continue to fall

- 29/09/2010

Property experts have revealed that asking prices fell for the third consecutive month in September, with estate agents continuing to have record numbers of unsold homes.

Many young people want to delay home ownership

- 27/09/2010

The highest ever number of young people have aspirations to own a home, but the majority have decided to delay that purchase, a survey has revealed.

House prices edge lower in August

- 27/09/2010

House prices in England and Wales edged lower during August following a decrease in demand and an increase in the availability of homes for sale, research has indicated.

Poll highlights finders-keepers attitude

- 22/09/2010

Few people who found a wallet or purse would try to locate its owner or hand it in, according to card and identity protection firm CPP.

June sees mortgage lending levels soar

- 08/09/2010

Mortgage lending levels to home buyers increased during June, the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has revealed.

Buy-to-let lending reaches new high

- 03/09/2010

New figures have shown that buy-to-let lending is at its highest level since the the fourth quarter of 2008.

Solar panels helping homeowners save money

- 30/08/2010

Homeowners looking for money-saving ideas to beat the recession have been turning to solar panels in increasing numbers.

Britain hit by inclement weather

- 27/08/2010

Home insurance companies may have begun to field the first of their wintry claims as torrential rain and gale forced winds battered some areas of Britain.

Summer surge sees house prices bounce back

- 27/08/2010

Jittery housing market analysts fearing the worst after a three-month slump in house prices have breathed a sigh of relief after house prices bounced back in July.

House prices 'to rise until 2014'

- 27/08/2010

A shortage in the supply of houses on the market will help house prices rise every year until the end of 2014, it has been claimed.

Rates 'must stay at 0.5% until 2014'

- 04/08/2010

Interest rates will have to remain at a record low for longer than expected, according to leading economists.

House prices up 8.4%: Land Registry

- 03/08/2010

The average price of a house in England and Wales is up 8.4% on last year, according to the Land Registry.

Buying home 'cheaper than renting'

- 29/07/2010

Buying a house can be nearly 10% cheaper than the cost of renting one in 75% of towns and cities in the UK, according to new research.

Ice block destroys roof of house

- 28/07/2010

A West Sussex couple surely have one of the most unusual reasons for claiming on their home insurance policy - after a block of ice, thought to have fallen from a passing airplane, smashed a hole in their roof.

House prices may fall as sellers flood market

- 26/07/2010

House price gains could be wiped out during the second half of the year as sellers continue to flood the property market, experts have warned.

Heavy rainfall causes Perth flooding

- 26/07/2010

Flood water resulting from heavy rainfall had to be pumped from dozens of properties in central Perth.

Thieves steal Cheltenham Gold Cup

- 26/07/2010

A home insurance provider is heading for a big hit after one of horseracing's most famous trophies was stolen from an address in Gloucestershire.

Homes regain half of value lost in slump

- 22/07/2010

Homeowners have been boosted by a survey showing UK house prices have regained more than half of the value they lost during the property market correction.

'Twenty minutes' to decide on house

- 16/07/2010

People take less than half an hour to decide whether they want to buy a property, according to a new survey.

Homeowners unaware over rate rises

- 16/07/2010

A survey has revealed that three in every four homeowners are unsure of what impact an interest rate hike would have on their finances.

Britons 'reduce green efforts while on holiday'

- 12/07/2010

Fewer than half of Britons continue their efforts to be environmentally-friendly when they go abroad, a survey has found.

Communities to face flood funding bill

- 07/07/2010

Communities will have to help fund flood defences in their area in future, the Environment Agency has warned.

Energy bill changes come into force

- 05/07/2010

New measures imposed by energy regulator Ofgem will see householders receive clearer energy bills from now on.

Brits splash the cash on gardens

- 29/06/2010

The garden of the average Briton contains items worth £825, according to a new survey which looks at the level of home insurance people have for their properties.

Glastonbury warning over crime

- 25/06/2010

If your prized possessions were stolen from your house, then they should be covered by your home insurance policy, but losses from a tent may be a different story.

Energy saving guide

- 30/06/2010

We hear a lot about energy saving but not everyone realises that having one eye on your energy use helps your pocket as much as the environment.

The Big Community Comeback

- 28/04/2010

Across the country, the desire to feel part of a community is alive and well once again.

Beware burst pipes

- 11/01/2010

Homeowners have been urged to ensure they are taking precautions against burst water pipes, with the freezing weather conditions set to continue across the UK in the coming weeks.

Keep track of your downloads with your home insurance

- 18/12/2009

Music and movie fans are being urged to keep track of their collections as the download boom creates a risk that valuable possessions are not covered by home insurance.

Does your home insurance cover your garden?

- 16/10/2009

We Britons spend more than £4 billion a year tending to our gardens, but most of us forget to make sure our home insurance has it covered.

Safest houses in England and Wales

- 12/10/2009

Virgin Money Home Insurance has conducted some research, and found where the safest locations are in England and Wales.