Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

Homeowners feel safer with trustworthy neighbours


Homeowners feel safer with trustworthy neighbours

A quarter of respondents to the most recent Association of British Insurers (ABI) consumer survey said they believed that in order to gain a sense of security in the home it was essential to have trustworthy neighbours.

However, the survey also found that too many homeowners needlessly leave their home and belongings at risk, despite 42% saying they are aware of how important it is to have effective locks. Indeed, nearly three in 10 people admitted not locking doors and closing windows properly when on short outings.

But overlooking basic security precautions on homes can have a costly impact on home insurance, as figures show 36% of all burglaries are opportunistic. Securing doors and windows to avoid theft of belongings also becomes increasingly important as the summer approaches.

Director of General Insurance at the ABI, Nick Starling, said: "While it can be reassuring for householders to have neighbours they can trust, this alone cannot substitute the value of sensible home security measures.

"Common mistakes, such as leaving doors unlocked and windows open, could invite thieves, putting your possessions at risk. And with one in four households without contents insurance, homeowners could be left footing a big bill to replace valuables."

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