Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

Poll highlights finders-keepers attitude


Wallet with credit cards and notes

Few people who found a wallet or purse would try to locate its owner or hand it in, according to card and identity protection firm CPP.

The firm said it tested the reaction of people in five UK cities after dropping 20 wallets and purses, which all contained £10 cash, as well as receipts, tickets, stamps and photographs to make them seem genuine.

It found that an average one in five people would hand in what they found, although half of that number pocketed the £10 before doing so - maybe its because whoever finds the wallet knows that many home insurance policies replace personal items up to the value of around £1,000.

CPP's Sarah Blaney said: "Losing your wallet or having it stolen is a highly stressful experience and causes great inconvenience and worry. With the vast majority of people carrying their credit and debit cards, as well as vital personal information, in their wallets, millions of people are putting themselves at risk of fraud."

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