Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

Britons 'reduce green efforts while on holiday'


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Fewer than half of Britons continue their efforts to be environmentally-friendly when they go abroad, a survey has found.

Nearly nine out of 10 say they regularly recycle cans, bottles and paper when they are living their day-to-day lives, but less than half carry on the good work while they are abroad, sustainable tourism charity The Travel Foundation found.

One in five (20%) admit they forget about recycling completely when they are on a beach break abroad and do not consider the environment.

Few people understand what "sustainable" or "green" travel means, while more than a third believe their hotel or villa do not provide enough advice or equipment to help them protect the environment while they are on holiday.

The Make Holidays Greener campaign urges holidaymakers to shop for souvenirs in local markets, take short showers rather than baths, not have towels laundered on a daily basis, and turn off air-conditioning when it is not needed.

Sue Hurdle, from The Travel Foundation, said: "We want everyone who travels this summer to be conscious about the simple things they can do to make a difference."

The survey involved 2,000 people.

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