Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

Beware burst pipes


Homeowners have been urged to ensure they are taking precautions against burst water pipes, with the freezing weather conditions set to continue across the UK in the coming weeks.

Analysis by Virgin Money reveals that burst water pipes and 'escape of water' accounted for over 15% of all claims between December 2008 and November 2009.

Virgin Money figures showed that the average paid claim for the escape of burst pipes and escape of water was close to £3,000. This is compared to under £500 for personal possessions loss or theft.

Grant Bather, spokesman at Virgin Money, said: "Although Christmas has passed, the cold weather is far from over and homeowners should be prepared for the effects that the cold weather could have on their property.

"With the Met office forecasting more cold weather over the coming weeks across the country, homeowners should make sure that they have adequate insurance and are taking the necessary precautions to minimise the possibility of freezing or faulty pipes.

"Turning on your hot water and central heating for just an hour or two each day could help to reduce the possibility of your pipes freezing over."