Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

Virgin Home Insurance - Cutting down on cost, not cover

Keep track of your downloads with your home insurance


Music and movie fans are being urged to keep track of their collections as the download boom creates a risk that valuable possessions are not covered by home insurance.

More than 389 million legal music downloads have been sold in the UK since the launch of online stores in early 2004* and during this year, 98.6% of all singles have been sold in digital formats.

Experts are predicting a similar boom in movie downloads following a deal between Apple’s iTunes and film studios allowing films to be downloaded on the day that DVDs are released. The site has already seen more than 33 million feature films sold or rented.**

But Virgin Money is urging music and movie fans to make sure their home insurance will cover them for the value of their collections if their computer or laptop is damaged or stolen.

Not all household and contents insurance will pay out for downloaded tracks – some say downloads should count as data files and therefore do not cover them while others classify them as personal possessions and do.

Grant Bather, spokesman at Virgin Money, said: “More people are choosing to download music and films and as such, their computer will have a lot of information on it that if stolen, could be lost forever.

"A number of artists including Bloc Party, Marillion and Radiohead have all released their music online and it is clear that over the coming years artists will be exploiting the internet as a way to release their tracks.

"As such, fans need to make sure that should their computer get damaged, lost or stolen, that the tracks or feature films can be restored."

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