Virgin Car Insurance - Driving down cost, not cover

Virgin Car Insurance - Driving down cost, not cover

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Used car buyers seek out luxury models

- 01/08/2012

Higher car insurance premiums for top-end models are no deterrent when it comes to choosing a used car, a survey has revealed

Drink-drivers 'should lose vehicles'

- 01/08/2012

Motorists who continue to be prosecuted for drink-driving should have their vehicles impounded, many drivers think

Biggest car sales rise in 23 months

- 13/06/2012

May saw the biggest increase in new car registrations in almost two years, with 162,288 new vehicles registered during the month

Drivers face morning breath tests

- 13/06/2012

Police have warned motorists that drink-driving checks will be carried out at all times of day - including first thing in the morning - as they launch a new summer campaign to target people who are over the limit.

Exports boost motor car industry

- 23/05/2012

Demand for exported vehicles helped the UK's car industry to produce almost 10% more models last month, compared with April last year.

Fuel-saving driving tips revealed

- 18/04/2012

Motorists have been encouraged to drive in a manner which saves fuel rather than stockpile petrol.

Ageing drivers 'require national plan'

- 21/03/2012

A Whitehall group has called for a national scheme to cope with the increasing number of elderly drivers.

Motorway speed limit may hit 80mph

- 21/03/2012

Stretches of the motorway could have new speed limits of 80mph introduced, it has been revealed.

New-car sales steady in January

- 23/02/2012

Sales of new cars held steady last month amid signs of growing optimism in the sector, figures show.

Car fraud risk 'higher than ever'

- 23/02/2012

Buyers are more at risk of purchasing a cloned car then ever, despite continued warnings, a top vehicle information expert claims.

Low-carbon vehicle scheme launched

- 08/02/2012

The Government has launched a programme to help the commercial roll-out of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, called UKH2Mobility.

80mph speed limit 'poses health risks'

- 08/02/2012

The economic benefits associated with raising the motorway speed limit to 80mph would be dwarfed by the potential health risks of such a move.

Car park bump for globe-trotting pair

- 25/01/2012

The owners of a rare classic car that negotiated some of the most treacherous roads in the world with barely a scratch could be forced to make a car insurance claim...

Electric vehicle laws stay in place

- 18/11/2010

Electric Personal Vehicles (EPVs) that do not comply with standard vehicle laws will not be allowed on the UK's roads, it has been announced

Camera switch-off 'increases speeding'

- 31/10/2010

Radar readings show that more motorists have been driving too fast in Oxfordshire since the county council switched off the region's speed cameras to try to save money, a road safety group has claimed

US police car proves popular hit

- 31/10/2010

While most police cars in the UK patrol the roads trying to catch speeding motorists and those without car insurance, one cop car is proving to be a popular hit with drivers