Virgin Car Insurance - Driving down cost, not cover

Virgin Car Insurance - Driving down cost, not cover

Drink-drivers 'should lose vehicles'


Drink-drivers 'should lose vehicles'

Motorists who continue to be prosecuted for drink-driving should have their vehicles impounded, many drivers think.

A reduction in the drink-drive legal limit would be welcomed by 66% of motorists, a poll by IAM (the Institute of Advanced Motorists) showed.

Of the 2,114 motorists questioned, four out of five want the vehicles of repeat drink-driving offenders to be confiscated and even sold, or sent for scrap.

If drivers are proved to be well over the limit, one in two back the option of the vehicle in question being captured.

If involved in an accident with a drunken driver, it is reassuring to have the back-up of a good car insurance policy.

Two-thirds of respondents want the legal limit to be dropped, with most suggesting the level should be 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, from the current limit of 80mg.

A zero alcohol limit was thought to be appropriate by 28%, meanwhile.

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