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Letters – June
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I am one of five siblings, born in the early 1960s when it was the done thing for the working man to spend his hard earned wages in the local pub.

I can’t recall my parents ever giving us any instruction about how to manage money. I remember it was an unspoken rule never to ask for money for sweets in front of the neighbours. When there was a little more to go round, my mother would cut up a Mars bar into equal bits and share it amongst the five of us, what a treat that was!

My Virgin Money Online Magazine

I am now approaching my 50th birthday and I feel no richer than my parents ever were. Reading the handy article, ’Easy ways to make money’, I have learnt that I just need to think in a different way, and I have taken up some of the suggestions, such as getting paid for doing surveys online. As well as earning money, I have actually enjoyed some of the research.

Wins £100It has been an eye-opener for someone like me, who like my parents before me, has just accepted what fate has provided for me without question. Reading My Virgin Money magazine has inspired me to better manage my own finances.

It has not been easy to change the habits of a lifetime. Taking control of how I manage my money and what I want to achieve has been daunting at times. But the feeling of being in control of my financial decisions far outweighs the angst and worry I have experienced in the past.

I am very grateful for all the content in My Virgin Money magazine. I have found it easy to digest and the helpful hints and tips actually work.

Yvonne Finlay

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I read your articles, ‘Which credit card is right for you? Part 1 and Part 2’. By switching my balance to a Virgin credit card, I’ve got zero per cent on balance transfers for 12 months, meaning I can pay the extra off the balance. And with six months interest free on purchases, it’s a great card.

Virgin Money’s customer service staff were so helpful and particularly impressive, meaning that switching my credit card to Virgin Money has been a very positive experience all round.

Thank you!

Bruce Turner

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Thanks for explaining things in a simple way in your Economy Watch articles, especially as I’m a pensioner. And thanks for buying Northern Rock. It looks an exciting venture ahead for us all.

Ann Love

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What a wonderfully innovative new way of banking: the ability to open a savings account in any way that suits us – online, phone or in branch. And an account whose interest doesn’t decrease after the initial 12 month period! I would like to see Virgin banking spread all over the country. Keep up the good work.

John Stocker

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Over time I seem to have been sucked into the Virgin net. I have Virgin Media TV, a Virgin Money credit card, Virgin Mobile, a Virgin landline telephone and broadband through Virgin Media. I convert my Tesco Clubcard vouchers into Virgin Flying Club miles and I also go on holiday with Virgin Holidays!

I now am considering moving to the new Virgin bank as I am sick to death with the present banking system!

I didn’t plan to be with Virgin – it’s just they offer far more than most other competitors on their services and do it with style where customer is king. I am treated like a golden customer and this is paid in return with loyalty.

There you have it... they said garlic bread is the future... I don’t think so!

Toni Rivans

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In ‘Ask the Expert – moving house versus extending’ (February 2012), there is no reference to the need to obtain building regulation approval for extensions.

Homeowners think that if they don’t need planning permission, they are ok to carry on. But, they should seek advice from their local authority building control service. Manchester City Council’s website has good advice.

Tony Hough

Editor’s note: Great point Tony. Before you start any building work, you must check if you need planning permission or any other permissions. If you don’t, and then carry out any work, you may be breaking the law.

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