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Your piggy bank tales
Brit Mums. Leading the conversationYour piggy bank tales. Money saving tips for parents, by parents!

Recently, we joined forces with the UK’s biggest network of parent bloggers, BritMums, to ask their members for money-related hints and tips for parents – or piggy bank tales.

These are just some of the highlights we received, from meal-planning to sealed money boxes. If you find these useful, or have any of your own you’d like to share, why not let us know at We’ll pay £100 for the star letter we publish.

Below you can also check out videos from three of the BritMums bloggers to hear what they had to say.

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Put something by 

If you can afford to put a little away each month (even just £20), it makes a great little pot to fall back on should an emergency come up.

Mummy Vs Work

Editor’s note: You could open a separate savings account or ISA so you aren’t tempted to dip into it.

Bubba Babble
Walk everywhere

If I can get away with it I will walk everywhere, even if it takes me a while to get somewhere on foot. This helps bubba get some fresh air and also helps me (try) to keep fit.


Make family holidays more affordable 

Going on holiday as a large family is expensive. Make it more affordable by house swapping with other families. Properties are available around the UK and abroad through Guardian Home Exchange.

The bush babies

Rationing Revisited
Shop around

Get your main regular grocery shop from a budget style supermarket and grab other bits locally. Pound shops are wonderful for crafty ‘to-do’s’ for the kids.

Rationing Revisited

Pre-owned is pre-loved 

Try to buy second-hand where you can. Pre-loved clothes and toys can save a fortune. Ebay and charity shops are great, but don’t forget car boot sales, and don’t be afraid to haggle!

The Goriami Family

Get the best deal

Research which companies offer the best deal in your area for utilities and make sure your home is well insulated. Turning down your thermostat can also save you pounds each year.

Rationing Revisited

Ready Steady Mummy
The one month rule

If you want to make a big purchase – say, furniture or electricals, wait for a month. Then ask, ‘do I still need it?’ Normally not and you’ll have forgotten about it by then.

Ready Steady Mummy

Christmas shopping early

Do your Christmas shopping all year long, by buying things when you see them and putting them away. It avoids December debt and a January and February paying off credit cards.


Be green 

Use energy-saving lightbulbs and always ensure appliances are turned off, and not left on standby. 

Green Mums Blog

Cook from scratch

Time is saved by baking in bulk and storing the goodies for the week. Money is saved because so much pre-made food is overpriced.

Rationing Revisited

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